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GH_DocumentServer Methods

The GH_DocumentServer type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddDocument(GH_Document)
Add a new document to the global list. If the document is already registered nothing will happen.
Public methodAddDocument(String, Boolean)
Add a new document to the global list. If there already is a document with the given path, it will be made active.
Public methodAddNewDocument
Adds a new document to the global list. If a template file has been set, this document will be based on the template.
Public methodContains
Gets a value indicating whether or not the given document is inside the list.
Public methodGetEnumerator
Public methodGetEnumerator_Generic
Public methodIndexOf(GH_Document)
Gets the index of the given document.
Public methodIndexOf(String)
Gets the index of the document that matches the filepath.
Public methodIndexOfAutoSave
Gets the document index that is associated with the specified autosave location.
Public methodNextAvailableDocument
Gets the most important, non-active document.
Public methodPromoteDocument
Push a document to the top of the list, meaning it will be first in line when a new default document needs to be selected.
Public methodRemoveAllDocuments
Remove all documents in the global list.
Public methodRemoveDocument
Removes a specific document from the global list. If the document isn't registered nothing will happen. If the document is owned by an IGH_DocumentOwner, the owner will be informed of the removal.
Public methodSafeRemoveDocument
Remove a document correctly from the server. This method shows user-interface prompts if there is unsaved data and will also save if needed.
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