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Grasshopper.Documentation Namespace

Public classGH_ContentCollection
Represents an ordered collection of IGH_Content.
Public classGH_Format
Represents a piece of formatted content.
Public classGH_GlossaryItem
Represents a single glossary entry in the Grasshopper help.
Public classGH_Link
Represents a link to another location in the Help or some external address.
Public classGH_List
Represents a list of items in the Grasshopper help.
Public classGH_Paragraph
Public classGH_Parser
Provides parsing methods for the Grasshopper Markdown flavour.
Public classGH_RuntimeFile
Runtime representation of a Grasshopper help file. A GH_RuntimeFile is nothing more than a collection of keywords with associated content. This class does not interpret a file or check its validity, it merely figures out the different content section based on "Keyword:" entries.
Public classGH_Text
Represents a single string.
Public classGH_Topic
Represents a single topic in the Grasshopper help.
Public interfaceIGH_Content
All parts that make up documentation content must implement this interface.
Public enumerationGH_Audience
Enumerates the pre-defined target audiences used in the Grasshopper documentation.
Public enumerationGH_Style
Enumerates possible formatting for documentation content.
Public enumerationGH_Target
Enumerates the possible link targets in Grasshopper documentation.