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GH_ComponentServer Properties

The GH_ComponentServer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAliases
Gets a list of all the defined aliases.
Public propertyCompleteRibbonLayout
Gets the default component layout featuring all non-hidden components and parameters.
Public propertyDiscardedProxies
Returns the total number of IGH_DocumentObjects that were discarded during assembly parsing. This includes both skipped and replaced proxies.
Public propertyGraphProxies
Returns a list of all cached GH_GraphProxy instances.
Public propertyLibraries
Returns a list of Assembly Info objects describing all loaded assemblies.
Public propertyLoadingExceptions
Gets a list of all the exceptions that were recorded during the most recent loading sequence.
Public propertyObjectProxies
Returns a list of all cached GH_ObjectProxy instances.
Public propertyObjectProxyNames
Returns a specialized string collection of all component names.
Public propertyTypeHints
Gets a list of all IGH_TypeHint types in all loaded assemblies.
Public propertyUpgraders
Gets a list of all the upgraders that have been cached.
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