Rhino C++ API  8.4
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CRhinoHistoryRecordTable Class Reference

#include <RhinoSdkHistoryRecordTable.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhinoHistoryRecordTable:
ON_SimpleArray< CRhinoHistoryRecord * >

Public Member Functions

bool CreateObjectHistory (CRhinoObject *object, CRhinoHistory &history)
void DestroyObjectHistory (CRhinoObject *object)
CRhinoDocDocument () const
int GetHistoryDescendants (const CRhinoObject *antecedent_object, ON_SimpleArray< ON_UUID > &uuid_list) const
ON_HistoryRecordGetPrunedHistoryRecord (int record_index)
 26 May 2015, Mikko, RH-30481: More...
int HistoryRecordCount () const
 Temporary - probably never needed. More...
bool HistoryRecordingEnabled () const
bool IsHistoryDescendant (const CRhinoObject *antecedent_object, ON_UUID descendant_uuid) const
void ListTable (ON_TextLog &text_log, unsigned int level_of_detail) const
const CRhinoHistoryRecordoperator[] (int) const
int PurgeHistory ()
int PurgeHistoryRecord (ON_UUID history_record_id)
void SetRemapIndex (int record_index, int remap_index)


class CRhinoDoc

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateObjectHistory()

bool CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::CreateObjectHistory ( CRhinoObject object,
CRhinoHistory history 

Description: Command authors fill in a CRhinoHistory, create CRhinoObjects, and call SaveObjectHistory to put the information in the document.

◆ DestroyObjectHistory()

void CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::DestroyObjectHistory ( CRhinoObject object)

◆ Document()

CRhinoDoc& CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::Document ( ) const

Returns: CRhinoDoc that owns this history record table.

◆ GetHistoryDescendants()

int CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::GetHistoryDescendants ( const CRhinoObject antecedent_object,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_UUID > &  uuid_list 
) const

Description: Object history tool that returns the list of objects that used this object during their construction. Parameters: antecedent_object - [in] uuid_list - [out] Returns: Number of ids appended to uuid_list[]

◆ GetPrunedHistoryRecord()

ON_HistoryRecord* CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::GetPrunedHistoryRecord ( int  record_index)

26 May 2015, Mikko, RH-30481:

Description: Get a copy of a history record with objects that no longer have history record attached to them purged from m_descendants list. Returns: History record copy. The caller is responsible for deleting the copy when done.

◆ HistoryRecordCount()

int CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::HistoryRecordCount ( ) const

Temporary - probably never needed.

◆ HistoryRecordingEnabled()

bool CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::HistoryRecordingEnabled ( ) const

◆ IsHistoryDescendant()

bool CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::IsHistoryDescendant ( const CRhinoObject antecedent_object,
ON_UUID  descendant_uuid 
) const

Description: Object history tool that checks to see if an id is in the list of descendants. Parameters: descendant_uuid - [in] id to look for in the descendant list. Returns: True if descendant_uuid was found in the list of descendants.

◆ ListTable()

void CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::ListTable ( ON_TextLog text_log,
unsigned int  level_of_detail 
) const

◆ operator[]()

const CRhinoHistoryRecord* CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::operator[] ( int  ) const

◆ PurgeHistory()

int CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::PurgeHistory ( )

Description: Purge all history information. Returns: number of objects that had records purged.

◆ PurgeHistoryRecord()

int CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::PurgeHistoryRecord ( ON_UUID  history_record_id)

Description: Purge a single history record. This cannot be undone. Parameters: history_record_id - [in] id of the record to purge. Returns: 0: no changes >0: 1 + number of objects that had records purged.

◆ SetRemapIndex()

void CRhinoHistoryRecordTable::SetRemapIndex ( int  record_index,
int  remap_index 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CRhinoDoc

friend class CRhinoDoc