Rhino C++ API  7.26
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CRhinoZBuffer Class Reference

#include <RhinoSdkDisplayPipeline_OGL.h>

Public Member Functions

 CRhinoZBuffer ()
 Assumes active viewport projection... More...
 CRhinoZBuffer (const CRhinoViewport &)
 Uses passed in viewport projection... More...
 ~CRhinoZBuffer ()
const float * Array ()
bool Capture ()
bool Capture (const ON_4iRect &)
const ON_4iRectCaptureRect ()
 Returns the current capture rect (area)... More...
void EnableGroundPlane (bool)
void EnableShading (bool)
const CRhinoDibGrayscaleDib ()
int Height ()
int HitCount ()
float MaxZ ()
float MinZ ()
 capture area... More...
void Reset ()
const CRhinoViewportRhinoVP ()
void SetCaptureRect (const ON_4iRect &)
 Defines the capture area... More...
void SetDisplayMode (const ON_UUID &dmid)
void SetProjection (const CRhinoViewport &)
 Resets zbuffer with viewport projection... More...
void ShowAnnotations (bool)
void ShowClippingPlanes (bool)
void ShowCurves (bool)
void ShowGrips (bool)
void ShowIsocurves (bool)
void ShowLights (bool)
void ShowMeshWires (bool)
void ShowPoints (bool)
void ShowText (bool)
int Size ()
const ON_ViewportVP ()
int Width ()
const ON_3dPointWorldPoint (int x, int y)
 Retrieves zbuffer value at (x,y) in world coordinates... More...
float ZValue (int x, int y)
 capture area... More...
float ZValueMax (int x, int y, int r)
float ZValueMin (int x, int y, int r)
void ZValueMinMax (int x, int y, int r, float &min_z, float &max_z)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRhinoZBuffer() [1/2]

CRhinoZBuffer::CRhinoZBuffer ( )

Assumes active viewport projection...

◆ CRhinoZBuffer() [2/2]

CRhinoZBuffer::CRhinoZBuffer ( const CRhinoViewport )

Uses passed in viewport projection...

◆ ~CRhinoZBuffer()

CRhinoZBuffer::~CRhinoZBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Array()

const float* CRhinoZBuffer::Array ( )

◆ Capture() [1/2]

bool CRhinoZBuffer::Capture ( )

◆ Capture() [2/2]

bool CRhinoZBuffer::Capture ( const ON_4iRect )

◆ CaptureRect()

const ON_4iRect& CRhinoZBuffer::CaptureRect ( )

Returns the current capture rect (area)...

Note: This may not be the same as the capture area height...

◆ EnableGroundPlane()

void CRhinoZBuffer::EnableGroundPlane ( bool  )

◆ EnableShading()

void CRhinoZBuffer::EnableShading ( bool  )

◆ GrayscaleDib()

const CRhinoDib& CRhinoZBuffer::GrayscaleDib ( )

Retrieces the zbuffer in the form of a grayscale

◆ Height()

int CRhinoZBuffer::Height ( )

Note: This may not be the same as the capture area width... Returns the height of the entire ZBuffer...

◆ HitCount()

int CRhinoZBuffer::HitCount ( )

Returns the number of points within the capture

◆ MaxZ()

float CRhinoZBuffer::MaxZ ( )

area that contain z values that don't fall on the near or far clipping planes... Returns maximum Z value that's < 1.0 within the

◆ MinZ()

float CRhinoZBuffer::MinZ ( )

capture area...

Returns minimum Z value that's > 0.0 within the

◆ Reset()

void CRhinoZBuffer::Reset ( )

◆ RhinoVP()

const CRhinoViewport* CRhinoZBuffer::RhinoVP ( )

dib (bitmap) with increasing Z values converging to black (0)...

◆ SetCaptureRect()

void CRhinoZBuffer::SetCaptureRect ( const ON_4iRect )

Defines the capture area...

◆ SetDisplayMode()

void CRhinoZBuffer::SetDisplayMode ( const ON_UUID dmid)

Sets display mode used in creating zbuffer... This also resets the display attributes to the ones found in the display mode...

◆ SetProjection()

void CRhinoZBuffer::SetProjection ( const CRhinoViewport )

Resets zbuffer with viewport projection...

◆ ShowAnnotations()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowAnnotations ( bool  )

◆ ShowClippingPlanes()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowClippingPlanes ( bool  )

◆ ShowCurves()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowCurves ( bool  )

◆ ShowGrips()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowGrips ( bool  )

◆ ShowIsocurves()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowIsocurves ( bool  )

◆ ShowLights()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowLights ( bool  )

◆ ShowMeshWires()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowMeshWires ( bool  )

◆ ShowPoints()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowPoints ( bool  )

◆ ShowText()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ShowText ( bool  )

◆ Size()

int CRhinoZBuffer::Size ( )

◆ VP()

const ON_Viewport& CRhinoZBuffer::VP ( )

◆ Width()

int CRhinoZBuffer::Width ( )

Returns the width of the entire ZBuffer...

◆ WorldPoint()

const ON_3dPoint& CRhinoZBuffer::WorldPoint ( int  x,
int  y 

Retrieves zbuffer value at (x,y) in world coordinates...

Retrieves the smallest and largest (i.e. closest and most distant) Z value within a square of radius 'r' centered at (x, y).

◆ ZValue()

float CRhinoZBuffer::ZValue ( int  x,
int  y 

capture area...

Retrieves the raw zbuffer value at (x,y)...

◆ ZValueMax()

float CRhinoZBuffer::ZValueMax ( int  x,
int  y,
int  r 

Retrieves the largest (i.e. most distant) Z value within a square of radius 'r' centered at (x, y).

◆ ZValueMin()

float CRhinoZBuffer::ZValueMin ( int  x,
int  y,
int  r 

Retrieves the smallest (i.e. closest) Z value within a square of radius 'r' centered at (x, y).

◆ ZValueMinMax()

void CRhinoZBuffer::ZValueMinMax ( int  x,
int  y,
int  r,
float &  min_z,
float &  max_z