Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhRdkExpandableContentUI Class Referenceabstract

#include <IRhRdkContentUI.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhRdkExpandableContentUI:

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddSection (IRhinoUiSection *pSection)=0
virtual void AddSection (IRhinoUiSection *pSection, CRhRdkControllerPtr con)=0
virtual IRhinoUiHolderContentUIHolder (void) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhRdkContentUI
virtual void AddClient (const CRhRdkContent &c)=0
RDK_DEPRECATED void AddClient (CRhRdkCoreContent &c)
virtual RDK_DEPRECATED void AddSection (class CRhRdkExpandingSection *pSection, int dummy=0)
virtual int ClientCount (void) const =0
virtual CRhRdkControllerPtr Controller (void) const =0
virtual ON_wString DebugString (void) const =0
virtual void DeleteThis (void)=0
virtual void Destroy (void)=0
virtual void DisplayData (void)=0
virtual UUID EditorUuid (void) const =0
virtual void Enable (bool bEnable)=0
virtual void EnableDisableControls (void)=0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *, void *)=0
virtual RhRdkUiFrameworks Framework (void) const =0
virtual RDK_DEPRECATED class IRhinoUiHolderHolder (void) const
virtual bool IsCreated (void) const =0
virtual bool IsShown (void) const =0
virtual void ReleaseAllClients (void)=0
virtual void RemClient (const CRhRdkContent &c)=0
RDK_DEPRECATED void RemClient (CRhRdkCoreContent &c)
virtual void SetController (CRhRdkControllerPtr con)=0
virtual void SetPositionAndSize (const ON_4iRect &rect)=0
virtual void SetSelection (const CRhRdkContentArray &aContent)=0
virtual void Show (bool bShow)=0
virtual UUID Uuid (void) const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from IRhRdkContentUI
static RDK_DEPRECATED IRhRdkContentUIGet (const UUID &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhRdkContentUI
virtual ~IRhRdkContentUI ()

Detailed Description

This interface extends IRhRdkContentUI to represent the default user interface which the RDK provides for a content. This is the UI created by the default implementation of CRhRdkCoreContent::CreateUI(). The main feature of this implementation is a 'holder' containing one or more expandable 'sections' (AKA 'roll-ups').

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddSection() [1/2]

virtual void IRhRdkExpandableContentUI::AddSection ( IRhinoUiSection pSection)
pure virtual

Add a section to the UI. Called before Create(). A generic controller is attached.

◆ AddSection() [2/2]

virtual void IRhRdkExpandableContentUI::AddSection ( IRhinoUiSection pSection,
CRhRdkControllerPtr  con 
pure virtual

Add a section to the UI with a custom controller. Called before Create().

◆ ContentUIHolder()

virtual IRhinoUiHolder* IRhRdkExpandableContentUI::ContentUIHolder ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The holder that contains the UI sections.

Implements IRhRdkContentUI.