Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer Class Referenceabstract

#include <IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer:


class  ICancellation
class  IGeometry
class  IObject

Public Types

enum  eGeometry {
  geomSphere = 0, geomCuboid = 1, geomCone = 2, geomPyramid = 3,
  geomTorus = 4, geomPlane = 5, geomSelectedObjects = 6, geomMesh = 7,
  geomForce32bit = 0xFFFFFFFF
enum  eRotationType { camera, object, unset }

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer ()
virtual void ApplyRotation (double dRotationX, double dRotationY, eRotationType type)=0
virtual ICancellationCancellationToken () const =0
virtual CRhRdkContent::Kinds ContentKind (void) const =0
virtual const UUID & ContentPluginId (void) const =0
virtual const UUID & ContentType (void) const =0
virtual const CRhRdkEnvironmentEnvironment (void) const =0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *, void *)=0
virtual bool GetView (ON_Viewport &view) const =0
virtual int LightCount (void) const =0
virtual const IRhRdkLinearWorkflowLinearWorkflow (void) const =0
RDK_DEPRECATED const class CRhRdkLinearWorkflowLinearWorkfow (void) const
virtual const ON_LightNextLight (void) const =0
virtual const IObjectNextObject (void) const =0
virtual int ObjectCount (void) const =0
virtual void ResetLightEnumerator (void) const =0
virtual void ResetObjectEnumerator (void) const =0
virtual void SetCacheImage (const CRhinoDib &image, const UUID &uuidRenderEngine) const =0
virtual void SetCancellationToken (ICancellation *)=0
virtual void SetSceneScale (double dScale)=0
virtual DWORD Signature (void) const =0
virtual bool Skylighting (void) const =0

Detailed Description

This is the interface to RDK's scene server which provides the information necessary to render a preview of a material or an environment.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ eGeometry


◆ eRotationType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer()

virtual IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::~IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ApplyRotation()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ApplyRotation ( double  dRotationX,
double  dRotationY,
eRotationType  type 
pure virtual

◆ CancellationToken()

virtual ICancellation* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::CancellationToken ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ ContentKind()

virtual CRhRdkContent::Kinds IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ContentKind ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Return the kind of the content being previewed.

◆ ContentPluginId()

virtual const UUID& IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ContentPluginId ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Return the plug-in id of the content being previewed.

◆ ContentType()

virtual const UUID& IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ContentType ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Return the type id of the content being previewed.

◆ Environment()

virtual const CRhRdkEnvironment* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::Environment ( void  ) const
pure virtual
A pointer to the environment that the previewed object is rendered in.

◆ EVF()

virtual void* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::EVF ( const wchar_t *  ,
void *   
pure virtual

Emergency virtual function for future expansion.

◆ GetView()

virtual bool IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::GetView ( ON_Viewport view) const
pure virtual

Get information about the view.

◆ LightCount()

virtual int IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::LightCount ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ LinearWorkflow()

virtual const IRhRdkLinearWorkflow& IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::LinearWorkflow ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Support for linear workflow in the preview scene.

◆ LinearWorkfow()

RDK_DEPRECATED const class CRhRdkLinearWorkflow& IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::LinearWorkfow ( void  ) const

◆ NextLight()

virtual const ON_Light* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::NextLight ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ NextObject()

virtual const IObject* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::NextObject ( void  ) const
pure virtual
A pointer to the next object in the scene, or NULL if no more.

◆ ObjectCount()

virtual int IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ObjectCount ( void  ) const
pure virtual
The number of objects in the scene.

◆ ResetLightEnumerator()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ResetLightEnumerator ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ ResetObjectEnumerator()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::ResetObjectEnumerator ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Reset the enumerator used by NextObject().

◆ SetCacheImage()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::SetCacheImage ( const CRhinoDib image,
const UUID &  uuidRenderEngine 
) const
pure virtual

Set the image used to cache the thumbnail for this scene.

◆ SetCancellationToken()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::SetCancellationToken ( ICancellation )
pure virtual

◆ SetSceneScale()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::SetSceneScale ( double  dScale)
pure virtual

Set the scale of the scene.

◆ Signature()

virtual DWORD IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::Signature ( void  ) const
pure virtual
A signature value which changes when the scene changes in any way that would affect the rendered image.

◆ Skylighting()

virtual bool IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer::Skylighting ( void  ) const
pure virtual