Rhino C++ API  7.24
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IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost Class Referenceabstract

#include <RhinoSdkPages.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost:

Public Member Functions

virtual void ModifyPage ()=0
virtual void PostUpdatePageCall () const =0
virtual const ON_UUIDRuntimeId () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhinoPageHost
virtual ~IRhinoPageHost ()=default
virtual void ChangeDefaultSize (ON_2iSize newSize)=0
virtual void Created ()=0
virtual unsigned int DocumentRuntimeSerialNumber () const =0
virtual IRhinoPagePage () const =0
virtual LPARAM PageHostProc (unsigned int message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
virtual void SizedChanged (ON_2iSize size)=0
virtual void VisibleChanged (bool visible)=0
virtual RHINO_WINDOW_HANDLE Window () const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static void GetViewPages (ON_SimpleArray< IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost * > &viewPages)

Protected Member Functions

 IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost ()=default
 IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost (const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost &)=delete
 ~IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost ()=default
IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHostoperator= (const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost &)=delete
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhinoPageHost
 IRhinoPageHost ()=default
 IRhinoPageHost (const IRhinoPageHost &)=delete
IRhinoPageHostoperator= (const IRhinoPageHost &)=delete

Detailed Description

class IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost

Description: Provides access the object properties panel page host.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost() [1/2]

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost ( )

Description: Default constructor.

◆ ~IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost()

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::~IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost ( )

Description: Default destructor.

◆ IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost() [2/2]

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost ( const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost )

Description: Delete the default copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetViewPages()

static void IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::GetViewPages ( ON_SimpleArray< IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost * > &  viewPages)

Description: Call this to get a list of all view pages that can appear on the properties panel.

◆ ModifyPage()

virtual void IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::ModifyPage ( )
pure virtual

Description: Call this method to modify objects or views associated with this page. Rhino will put the properties page manager in edit mode and call your OnModifypge with a IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs when it is safe to modify objects or views.

◆ operator=()

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost& IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::operator= ( const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost )

Description: Delete the default operator=

◆ PostUpdatePageCall()

virtual void IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::PostUpdatePageCall ( ) const
pure virtual

Description: Call this method to post a UpdatePage call which will occur on a on idle event when this page is visible.

◆ RuntimeId()

virtual const ON_UUID& IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost::RuntimeId ( ) const
pure virtual

Description: The unique runtime Id for this page.