Rhino C++ API  8.0
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CRhinoGetDimLinear Class Reference

Class to interactively get user input for linear dimensions. More...

#include <RhinoSdkDimLinear.h>


class  RhDocDimension
 Undo record for GetDimLinear baseline and continue modes. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static CRhinoCommand::result GetDimLinear (const unsigned int doc_sn, ON_DimLinear *&output_dimension, CRhinoObjRef objrefs[2], bool bInteractive, CRhinoDimLinear::rotation_mode &rotation_mode, double &rotation_angle, CRhinoDimLinear::continue_mode &continue_mode)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void ClearDimToContinue (unsigned int doc_sn)
static const CRhinoDimLinearDimToContinue (unsigned int doc_sn, int &direction)
static const RhDocDimensionGetDimRecToContinue (unsigned int doc_sn)
 Functions used by GetDimLinear for baseline and continue modes. More...
static const CRhinoDimLinearSelectDimToContinue (unsigned int doc_sn)
static void SetDimToContinue (unsigned int doc_sn, ON_UUID dim_id, int direction)

Detailed Description

Class to interactively get user input for linear dimensions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearDimToContinue()

static void CRhinoGetDimLinear::ClearDimToContinue ( unsigned int  doc_sn)

◆ DimToContinue()

static const CRhinoDimLinear* CRhinoGetDimLinear::DimToContinue ( unsigned int  doc_sn,
int &  direction 

◆ GetDimLinear()

static CRhinoCommand::result CRhinoGetDimLinear::GetDimLinear ( const unsigned int  doc_sn,
ON_DimLinear *&  output_dimension,
CRhinoObjRef  objrefs[2],
bool  bInteractive,
CRhinoDimLinear::rotation_mode rotation_mode,
double &  rotation_angle,
CRhinoDimLinear::continue_mode continue_mode 

Description: Gets a dimension rotated to either horizontal or vertical in the cplane Will allocate dim_out memory which caller must delete Parameters: doc_sn, [in] Serial no of the document for annotation styles and continued dimensions output_dimension [out] Resulting dimension objrefs[2], [out] ObjRefs of objects osnapped to or object picked to dimension bInteractive, [in] true: run in interactive mode false - run in script mode rotation_mode, [in] Ortho - dimension line is horizontal or vertical Rotated - dimension line is rotated to a specified angle Aligned - dimension line is parallel to line between definition points rotation_angle, [in] Angle in radians if RotationMode == Rotated continue_mode, [in/out] None - get a single dimension Continue - run in continue mode Baseline - run in baseline mode Returns: Failure: No dimension gotten Success: Got a dimension Undo: User requested an undo in continue or baseline mode

◆ GetDimRecToContinue()

static const RhDocDimension* CRhinoGetDimLinear::GetDimRecToContinue ( unsigned int  doc_sn)

Functions used by GetDimLinear for baseline and continue modes.

◆ SelectDimToContinue()

static const CRhinoDimLinear* CRhinoGetDimLinear::SelectDimToContinue ( unsigned int  doc_sn)

◆ SetDimToContinue()

static void CRhinoGetDimLinear::SetDimToContinue ( unsigned int  doc_sn,
ON_UUID  dim_id,
int  direction