Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx Class Referenceabstract

#include <IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx:


class  IObjectEx

Public Member Functions

virtual ON_LightAddLight (const ON_Light &light)=0
virtual IObjectAddObject (eGeometry geom, const CRhRdkMaterial &m, bool bCopy)=0
virtual class CRhRdkLinearWorkflowExGetLinearWorkflow (void)=0
virtual bool OwnsEnvironment (void) const =0
virtual bool OwnsMaterial (void) const =0
virtual void SetEnvironment (const CRhRdkEnvironment *pEnv, bool bCopy, const UUID &uuidRdkDocMat=ON_nil_uuid)=0
virtual void SetSkylighting (bool b)=0
virtual void SetView (const ON_Viewport &view)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer
virtual ~IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer ()
virtual void ApplyRotation (double dRotationX, double dRotationY, eRotationType type)=0
virtual ICancellationCancellationToken () const =0
virtual CRhRdkContent::Kinds ContentKind (void) const =0
virtual const UUID & ContentPluginId (void) const =0
virtual const UUID & ContentType (void) const =0
virtual const CRhRdkEnvironmentEnvironment (void) const =0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *, void *)=0
virtual bool GetView (ON_Viewport &view) const =0
virtual int LightCount (void) const =0
virtual const IRhRdkLinearWorkflowLinearWorkflow (void) const =0
RDK_DEPRECATED const class CRhRdkLinearWorkflowLinearWorkfow (void) const
virtual const ON_LightNextLight (void) const =0
virtual const IObjectNextObject (void) const =0
virtual int ObjectCount (void) const =0
virtual void ResetLightEnumerator (void) const =0
virtual void ResetObjectEnumerator (void) const =0
virtual void SetCacheImage (const CRhinoDib &image, const UUID &uuidRenderEngine) const =0
virtual void SetCancellationToken (ICancellation *)=0
virtual void SetSceneScale (double dScale)=0
virtual DWORD Signature (void) const =0
virtual bool Skylighting (void) const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IRhRdkPreviewSceneServer
enum  eGeometry {
  geomSphere = 0, geomCuboid = 1, geomCone = 2, geomPyramid = 3,
  geomTorus = 4, geomPlane = 5, geomSelectedObjects = 6, geomMesh = 7,
  geomForce32bit = 0xFFFFFFFF
enum  eRotationType { camera, object, unset }

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddLight()

virtual ON_Light* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::AddLight ( const ON_Light light)
pure virtual

Add a light to the scene.

lightis the light to add – this is copied into a collection.
A pointer to the added light in the collection.

◆ AddObject()

virtual IObject* IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::AddObject ( eGeometry  geom,
const CRhRdkMaterial m,
bool  bCopy 
pure virtual

Add an object to the scene.

geomis the geometry to add.
mis the material to use for the object.
bCopydetermines if the material should be copied.
A pointer to the added object.

◆ GetLinearWorkflow()

virtual class CRhRdkLinearWorkflowEx& IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::GetLinearWorkflow ( void  )
pure virtual

Get the linear workflow; used for setting its parameters.

◆ OwnsEnvironment()

virtual bool IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::OwnsEnvironment ( void  ) const
pure virtual
true if the scene server owns the environment, else false.

◆ OwnsMaterial()

virtual bool IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::OwnsMaterial ( void  ) const
pure virtual
true if the scene server owns the material, else false.

◆ SetEnvironment()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::SetEnvironment ( const CRhRdkEnvironment pEnv,
bool  bCopy,
const UUID &  uuidRdkDocMat = ON_nil_uuid 
pure virtual

◆ SetSkylighting()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::SetSkylighting ( bool  b)
pure virtual

Set skylighting on or off.

◆ SetView()

virtual void IRhRdkPreviewSceneServerEx::SetView ( const ON_Viewport view)
pure virtual

Set the view to use in the preview.