Rhino C++ API  7.24
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IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage Class Referenceabstract

#include <RhinoSdkPages.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage:

Public Member Functions

virtual void HostAttached (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost *host)
virtual bool IncludeInNavigationControl (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs &args) const =0
virtual int Index (void) const
virtual IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageNewNamedViewPage () const
virtual void OnModifyPage (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs &args)
 = 0; More...
virtual RhinoPropertiesPanelPageType PageType () const
virtual bool PropertiesDialogPageEvent (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs &args)
virtual CRhinoCommand::result RunScript (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs &args)=0
virtual bool SupportsSubObjectSelection (void) const
virtual void UpdatePage (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs &e)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhinoPage
virtual ~IRhinoPage ()=default
virtual bool Activated (const class IRhinoPageHost *host, bool activated) const
virtual ON_2iSize DefaultSize () const
virtual const wchar_t * EnglishTitle () const =0
virtual void HostWindowCreated (const class IRhinoPageHost *host) const
virtual RHINO_WINDOW_IMAGE_HANDLE Image (ON_2iSize size)=0
virtual const wchar_t * LocalTitle () const
virtual ON_2iSize MinimumSize () const
virtual LPARAM PageProc (unsigned int message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
virtual void Release ()=0
virtual bool ShowHelp (const class IRhinoPageHost *host) const
virtual IRhinoWindowWindow ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHostGetHost (IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage *page)

Protected Member Functions

 IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage ()=default
 IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage (const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage &)=delete
 ~IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage ()=default
IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageoperator= (const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage &)=delete
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhinoPage
 IRhinoPage ()=default
 IRhinoPage (const IRhinoPage &)=delete
IRhinoPageoperator= (const IRhinoPage &)=delete

Detailed Description

class IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage

Description: Interface used to extend the Rhino object properties panel.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage() [1/2]

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage ( )

Description: Default constructor.

◆ ~IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage()

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::~IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage ( )

Description: Default destructor.

◆ IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage() [2/2]

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage ( const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage )

Description: Delete the default copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetHost()

static IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost* IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::GetHost ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage page)

Description: Returns the IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost containing the specified page. Returns: Returns the IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost containing the specified page.

◆ HostAttached()

virtual void IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::HostAttached ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageHost host)

Description: This method gets called after the plug-in returns the pages to add to Rhino and the associated host objects are created. Save this pointer and use it to communicate with the host or just ignore the call if you don't care.

◆ IncludeInNavigationControl()

virtual bool IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::IncludeInNavigationControl ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs args) const
pure virtual

Description: This method is called when updating the contents of the view or object properties navigation controls. Parameters: args - [in] Information about the currently selected view or currently selected object list. Returns: Return true to include the page in the navigation panel or false to exclude it.

◆ Index()

virtual int IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::Index ( void  ) const

Description: The page navigation control adds buttons in the order the pages are processed, override this method and return a sort index to move the button to the beginning of the list. By default this returns -1 which puts the button at the end of the list.

◆ NewNamedViewPage()

virtual IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage* IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::NewNamedViewPage ( ) const

Description: If you want the page to appear in the modal Named View properties dialog, override this method and return a new instance of this page.

◆ OnModifyPage()

virtual void IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::OnModifyPage ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs args)

= 0;

Description: This method gets called by ModifyPage when it is safe to modify the selected objects or view.

◆ operator=()

IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage& IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::operator= ( const IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage )

Description: Delete the default operator=

◆ PageType()

virtual RhinoPropertiesPanelPageType IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::PageType ( ) const

Description: This defaults to custom_page. Override and return the system page you want to replace. Values of material_page and light_page are only meaningful if this page was added by a CRhinoRenderPlugIn and the plug-in is the current renderer.

◆ PropertiesDialogPageEvent()

virtual bool IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::PropertiesDialogPageEvent ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs args)

Description: This method is called in response to a specific event, see CRhinoPropertiesDialogPageEvent for event descriptions. This method has been provided to allow extending the class in the future without breaking the SDK. Parameters: args - [in] Describes this event and provides access to the selected object and/or active view list. Returns: Return value is dependent on the event reason provided in the args parameter.

◆ RunScript()

virtual CRhinoCommand::result IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::RunScript ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs args)
pure virtual

Description: Called by the script-able version of the host command when this page is selected. You should use CRhinoGet... methods to interact with users when overriding this method. Returns: The return value notifies the calling command to continue or cancel.

◆ SupportsSubObjectSelection()

virtual bool IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::SupportsSubObjectSelection ( void  ) const

Description: Override and return true if this is a object properties and not view properties page and it supports sub object selection. Returns false by default. Returns: Returns false by default.

◆ UpdatePage()

virtual void IRhinoPropertiesPanelPage::UpdatePage ( IRhinoPropertiesPanelPageEventArgs e)
pure virtual

Description: Called by the host when it is time to update the page contents reflecting the current options states. Parameters: e[in] - Event arguments.