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Grasshopper.GUI.Base Namespace

This namespace contains general purpose UI elements that have been divorced from winforms Control handles. This allows them to be rendered on screen as part of a larger constellation of UI elements. There are dedicated winforms control implementations of all the elements in this namespace in the Grasshopper.GUI namespace.
Public classGH_ColourCube
Maintains a collection of graphical shapes and coordinates that specify important features of the Colour Space Cube graphics.
Public classGH_ColourPickerBase
Provides Colour picker GUI not tied to a control-handle.
Public classGH_ColourPickerEventArgs
Arguments passed via GH_SliderBase.ValueChanged events.
Public classGH_DigitNumber
Maintains and provides functionality for evaluating and modifying numbers as used in the GH_DigitScrollerBase control.
Public classGH_DigitScrollerBase
Provides Numeric digit scrolling GUI not tied to a control-handle.
Public classGH_DigitScrollerEventArgs
Arguments passed via GH_digitScrollerBase.ValueChanged events.
Public classGH_ScrollBarVerticalBase
Provides basic vertical scroll bar logic.
Public classGH_SliderBase
Provides Numeric slider GUI not tied to a control-handle.
Public classGH_SliderEventArgs
Arguments passed via GH_SliderBase.ValueChanged events.
Public classGH_TextBoxInputBase
Public structureSliderSnapRange
Represents a snap range on a slider.
Public enumerationGH_ColourSpace
Enumerates the different colour spaces supported by the GH_ColourPickerBase class.
Public enumerationGH_DigitAlign
Enumerates the possible alignments for digits inside the GH_DigitScroller control.
Public enumerationGH_DigitScrollerBaseGH_MouseAction
Enumerates the possible actions due to mouse-down mouse-move events.
Public enumerationGH_SliderAccuracy
Enumerates the possible numeric slider accuracies.
Public enumerationGH_SliderGripDisplay
Enumerates the possible slider grip displays.
Public enumerationGH_SliderRailDisplay
Enumerates the possible slider rail displays.
Public enumerationGH_SliderTickDisplay
Enumerates the possible slider tick displays.