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CRhinoDimStyle Class Reference

CRhinoDimStyle class. More...

#include <rhinoSdkDimStyle.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRhinoDimStyle:
ON_DimStyle ON_ModelComponent ON_Object

Public Types

enum  { min_precision = 0, max_precision = 7 }
- Public Types inherited from ON_DimStyle
enum  : unsigned int { FieldCount = (unsigned int)field::Count }
enum  angle_format : unsigned char { angle_format::DecimalDegrees = 0, angle_format::DegMinSec = 1, angle_format::Radians = 2, angle_format::Grads = 3 }
 Display format for angles More...
enum  arrow_fit : unsigned char { arrow_fit::Auto = 0, arrow_fit::ArrowsInside = 1, arrow_fit::ArrowsOutside = 2 }
 Arrow display position inside or outside extension lines More...
enum  centermark_style : unsigned char { centermark_style::None = 0, centermark_style::Mark = 1, centermark_style::MarkAndLines = 2 }
 Style for drawing centermark for Radial dimensions and Centermark objects More...
enum  ContentAngleStyle : unsigned char { ContentAngleStyle::Horizontal = 0, ContentAngleStyle::Aligned = 1, ContentAngleStyle::Rotated = 2 }
 Angle for text or other leader or dimension content More...
enum  field : unsigned int {
  field::Unset = 0, field::Name = 1, field::Index = 2, field::ExtensionLineExtension = 3,
  field::ExtensionLineOffset = 4, field::Arrowsize = 5, field::LeaderArrowsize = 6, field::Centermark = 7,
  field::TextGap = 8, field::TextHeight = 9, field::DimTextLocation = 10, field::MaskFrameType = 11,
  field::LengthResolution = 12, field::AngleFormat = 13, field::AngleResolution = 14, field::Font = 15,
  field::LengthFactor = 16, field::Alternate = 17, field::AlternateLengthFactor = 18, field::AlternateLengthResolution = 20,
  field::Prefix = 21, field::Suffix = 22, field::AlternatePrefix = 23, field::AlternateSuffix = 24,
  field::DimensionLineExtension = 25, field::SuppressExtension1 = 26, field::SuppressExtension2 = 27, field::ExtLineColorSource = 28,
  field::DimLineColorSource = 29, field::ArrowColorSource = 30, field::TextColorSource = 31, field::ExtLineColor = 32,
  field::DimLineColor = 33, field::ArrowColor = 34, field::TextColor = 35, field::ExtLinePlotColorSource = 36,
  field::DimLinePlotColorSource = 37, field::ArrowPlotColorSource = 38, field::TextPlotColorSource = 39, field::ExtLinePlotColor = 40,
  field::DimLinePlotColor = 41, field::ArrowPlotColor = 42, field::TextPlotColor = 43, field::ExtLinePlotWeightSource = 44,
  field::DimLinePlotWeightSource = 45, field::ExtLinePlotWeight_mm = 46, field::DimLinePlotWeight_mm = 47, field::ToleranceFormat = 48,
  field::ToleranceResolution = 49, field::ToleranceUpperValue = 50, field::ToleranceLowerValue = 51, field::AltToleranceResolution = 52,
  field::ToleranceHeightScale = 53, field::BaselineSpacing = 54, field::DrawMask = 55, field::MaskColorSource = 56,
  field::MaskColor = 57, field::MaskBorder = 58, field::DimensionScale = 59, field::DimscaleSource = 60,
  field::FixedExtensionLength = 61, field::FixedExtensionOn = 62, field::TextRotation = 63, field::SuppressArrow1 = 64,
  field::SuppressArrow2 = 65, field::TextmoveLeader = 66, field::ArclengthSymbol = 67, field::StackTextheightScale = 68,
  field::StackFormat = 69, field::AltRound = 70, field::Round = 71, field::AngularRound = 72,
  field::AltZeroSuppress = 73, field::AngleZeroSuppress = 75, field::ZeroSuppress = 76, field::AltBelow = 77,
  field::ArrowType1 = 78, field::ArrowType2 = 79, field::LeaderArrowType = 80, field::ArrowBlockId1 = 81,
  field::ArrowBlockId2 = 82, field::LeaderArrowBlock = 83, field::DimRadialTextLocation = 84, field::TextVerticalAlignment = 85,
  field::LeaderTextVerticalAlignment = 86, field::LeaderContentAngleStyle = 87, field::LeaderCurveType = 88, field::LeaderContentAngle = 89,
  field::LeaderHasLanding = 90, field::LeaderLandingLength = 91, field::MaskFlags = 92, field::CentermarkStyle = 93,
  field::TextHorizontalAlignment = 94, field::LeaderTextHorizontalAlignment = 95, field::DrawForward = 96, field::SignedOrdinate = 97,
  field::UnitSystem = 98, field::TextMask = 99, field::TextOrientation = 100, field::LeaderTextOrientation = 101,
  field::DimTextOrientation = 102, field::DimRadialTextOrientation = 103, field::DimTextAngleStyle = 104, field::DimRadialTextAngleStyle = 105,
  field::TextUnderlined = 106, field::DimensionLengthDisplay = 109, field::AlternateDimensionLengthDisplay = 110, field::ForceDimLine = 111,
  field::ArrowFit = 112, field::TextFit = 113, field::DecimalSeparator = 114, field::Count = 115
 Field identifiers used for file i/o and getting/setting values More...
enum  leader_curve_type : unsigned char { leader_curve_type::None = 0, leader_curve_type::Polyline = 1, leader_curve_type::Spline = 2 }
 Type of leader curve More...
enum  LengthDisplay : unsigned int {
  LengthDisplay::ModelUnits = 0, LengthDisplay::Millmeters = 3, LengthDisplay::Centimeters = 4, LengthDisplay::Meters = 5,
  LengthDisplay::Kilometers = 6, LengthDisplay::InchesDecimal = 7, LengthDisplay::InchesFractional = 1, LengthDisplay::FeetDecimal = 8,
  LengthDisplay::FeetAndInches = 2, LengthDisplay::Miles = 9
 Interface. More...
enum  OBSOLETE_length_format : unsigned char { OBSOLETE_length_format::Decimal = 0, OBSOLETE_length_format::Fractional = 1, OBSOLETE_length_format::FeetInches = 2, OBSOLETE_length_format::FeetDecimalInches = 3 }
 Obsolete format for length display - use ON_DimStyle::DimensionLengthDisplay instead More...
enum  stack_format : unsigned char { stack_format::None = 0, stack_format::StackHorizontal = 1, stack_format::StackDiagonal = 2 }
 Format of stacked fractions More...
enum  suppress_zero : unsigned char {
  suppress_zero::None = 0, suppress_zero::SuppressLeading = 1, suppress_zero::SuppressTrailing = 2, suppress_zero::SuppressLeadingAndTrailing = 3,
  suppress_zero::SuppressZeroFeet = 4, suppress_zero::SuppressZeroInches = 8, suppress_zero::SuppressZeroFeetAndZeroInches = 12
 Marks leading and trailing zeros for removal. More...
enum  text_fit : unsigned char {
  text_fit::Auto = 0, text_fit::TextInside = 1, text_fit::TextRight = 2, text_fit::TextLeft = 3,
  text_fit::TextHintRight = 4, text_fit::TextHintLeft = 5
 Text display position inside or outside extension lines More...
enum  TextLocation : unsigned char { TextLocation::AboveDimLine = 0, TextLocation::InDimLine = 1, TextLocation::BelowDimLine = 2 }
 The location of text in linear, angular, radial, and ordinate dimensions. More...
enum  tolerance_format : unsigned char { tolerance_format::None = 0, tolerance_format::Symmetrical = 1, tolerance_format::Deviation = 2, tolerance_format::Limits = 3 }
 Style of tolerance display for dimensions More...
- Public Types inherited from ON_ModelComponent
enum  Attributes : unsigned int {
  NoAttributes = 0U, ComponentSerialNumberAttribute = 0x0001U, TypeAttribute = 0x0002U, ModelSerialNumberAttribute = 0x0004U,
  IdAttribute = 0x0008U, IndexAttribute = 0x0010U, NameAttribute = 0x0020U, ParentIdAttribute = 0x0040U,
  DeletedNameAttribute = 0x0080U, ComponentStatusAttribute = 0x0100U, BinaryArchiveAttributes = 0x78U, AllAttributes = 0x1FFU,
  SystemComponentAttribute = 0x8000U
enum  Type : unsigned char {
  Type::Unset = 0, Type::Image = 1, Type::TextureMapping = 2, Type::RenderMaterial = 3,
  Type::LinePattern = 4, Type::Layer = 5, Type::Group = 6, Type::TextStyle = 7,
  Type::DimStyle = 8, Type::RenderLight = 9, Type::HatchPattern = 10, Type::InstanceDefinition = 11,
  Type::ModelGeometry = 12, Type::HistoryRecord = 13, Type::Mixed = 0xFE
 The ON_ModelComponent::Type enum has a value for each explicit component type and two special values, Unset and Mixed. Use an ON_ModelComponentTypeIterator instance to iterate over the ON_ModelComponent::Type values. /summary> More...
- Public Types inherited from ON_Object
enum  UserDataConflictResolution : unsigned char {
  UserDataConflictResolution::destination_object = 0, UserDataConflictResolution::source_object = 1, UserDataConflictResolution::source_copycount_gt = 2, UserDataConflictResolution::source_copycount_ge = 3,
  UserDataConflictResolution::destination_copycount_gt = 4, UserDataConflictResolution::destination_copycount_ge = 5, UserDataConflictResolution::delete_item = 6

Public Member Functions

double DSxArrowSize () const
double DSxCenterMark () const
double DSxDimExtension () const
double DSxExtExtension () const
double DSxExtOffset () const
double DSxLeaderArrowSize () const
double DSxTextGap () const
double DSxTextHeight () const
bool IsReference () const
bool IsSystemDimStyle () const
unsigned int LinkedInstanceDefinitionSerialNumber () const
bool operator== (const CRhinoDimStyle &) const
unsigned int WorksessionReferenceModelSerialNumber () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_DimStyle
 ON_DimStyle ()
 Default constructor result is identical to ON_DimStyle::Unset;. More...
 ON_DimStyle (const ON_3dmAnnotationSettings &src)
 ON_DimStyle (const ON_DimStyle &src)=default
 ON_DimStyle (ON::LengthUnitSystem model_length_unit_system, const class ON_V5x_DimStyle &src)
 Used when reading V5 and earlier archives. More...
 ~ON_DimStyle ()=default
bool Alternate () const
 Additional measurement display toggle. More...
bool AlternateBelow () const
ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay AlternateDimensionLengthDisplay () const
 Set dimension length units and format /summary> More...
ON::LengthUnitSystem AlternateDimensionLengthDisplayUnit (unsigned int model_sn) const
 Parameters: model_sn - 0, a model serial number, or ON_UNSET_UINT_INDEX to use the dimstyle's ModelSerialNumber() value. Returns Unit system for dimension length display. If DimensionLengthDisplay() == ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay::ModelUnits and model_sn > 0, then the value of ON::LengthUnitSystemFromModelSerialNumber(model_sn) is returned. If DimensionLengthDisplay() == ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay::ModelUnits and model_sn == 0, then ON::LengthUnitSystem::None is returned. /summary> More...
double AlternateLengthFactor () const
 AlternateLengthFactor is a rarely used. See Length factor for a discription of this property. /summary> More...
int AlternateLengthResolution () const
 Display resolution for alternate length measurements. More...
const ON_wStringAlternatePrefix () const
 Dimension alternate prefix text. More...
double AlternateRoundOff () const
const ON_wStringAlternateSuffix () const
 Dimension alternate suffix text. More...
int AlternateToleranceResolution () const
ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero AlternateZeroSuppress () const
angle_format AngleFormat () const
int AngleResolution () const
 Display resolution for angle measurements. More...
double AngleRoundOff () const
ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero AngleZeroSuppress () const
int ArcLengthSymbol () const
ON_UUID ArrowBlockId1 () const
ON_UUID ArrowBlockId2 () const
ON_Color ArrowColor () const
ON::object_color_source ArrowColorSource () const
ON_DimStyle::arrow_fit ArrowFit () const
ON_Color ArrowPlotColor () const
ON::plot_color_source ArrowPlotColorSource () const
double ArrowSize () const
 Arrow size. More...
ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type ArrowType1 () const
ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type ArrowType2 () const
double BaselineSpacing () const
double CenterMark () const
 Centermark size. More...
ON_DimStyle::centermark_style CenterMarkStyle () const
 Centermark style. More...
void ClearAllFieldOverrides ()
bool CompareDimstyle (const ON_DimStyle &src) const
bool CompareFields (const ON_DimStyle &src) const
const class ON_SHA1_HashContentHash () const
const ON_DimStyle CreateOverrideCandidate () const
wchar_t DecimalSeparator () const
ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay DimensionLengthDisplay () const
 Dimension length units and format /summary> More...
ON::LengthUnitSystem DimensionLengthDisplayUnit (unsigned int model_sn) const
 Parameters: model_sn - 0, a model serial number, or ON_UNSET_UINT_INDEX to use the dimstyle's ModelSerialNumber() value. Returns Unit system for dimension length display. If DimensionLengthDisplay() == ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay::ModelUnits and model_sn > 0, then the value of ON::LengthUnitSystemFromModelSerialNumber(model_sn) is returned. If DimensionLengthDisplay() == ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay::ModelUnits and model_sn == 0, then ON::LengthUnitSystem::None is returned. /summary> More...
ON_Color DimensionLineColor () const
ON::object_color_source DimensionLineColorSource () const
ON_Color DimensionLinePlotColor () const
ON::plot_color_source DimensionLinePlotColorSource () const
double DimensionLinePlotWeight () const
ON::plot_weight_source DimensionLinePlotWeightSource () const
double DimExtension () const
 Extension of dimension line past extension lines. More...
ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle DimRadialTextAngleStyle () const
ON_DimStyle::TextLocation DimRadialTextLocation () const
 The location of text relative to the dimension line in radial dimensions. More...
ON::TextOrientation DimRadialTextOrientation () const
double DimScale () const
int DimScaleSource () const
 0: Global DimScale, 1: DimStyle DimScale More...
ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle DimTextAngleStyle () const
ON_DimStyle::TextLocation DimTextLocation () const
 The location of text relative to the dimension line in linear, angular, and ordinate dimensions. More...
ON::TextOrientation DimTextOrientation () const
bool DrawForward () const
bool DrawTextMask () const
 Determines whether or not to draw a Text Mask. More...
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const override
 virtual More...
void EmergencyDestroy ()
 Interface. More...
ON_Color ExtensionLineColor () const
ON::object_color_source ExtensionLineColorSource () const
ON_Color ExtensionLinePlotColor () const
ON::plot_color_source ExtensionLinePlotColorSource () const
double ExtensionLinePlotWeight () const
ON::plot_weight_source ExtensionLinePlotWeightSource () const
double ExtExtension () const
 Extension line extension. More...
double ExtOffset () const
 Extension line offset. More...
double FixedExtensionLen () const
bool FixedExtensionLenOn () const
const class ON_FontFont () const
const class ON_FontFontCharacteristics () const
const bool FontSubstituted () const
bool ForceDimLine () const
bool HasOverrides () const
void InheritFields (const ON_DimStyle &parent)
bool IsChildDimstyle () const
 Test if this dimstyle is the child of any other dimstyle. More...
bool IsChildOf (const ON_UUID &parent_id) const
bool IsFieldOverride (ON_DimStyle::field field_id) const
bool IsOverrideDimStyleCandidate (ON_UUID parent_id, bool bRequireSetOverrides, ON_wString *error_description=nullptr) const
bool IsValid (class ON_TextLog *text_log=nullptr) const override
 virtual More...
ON_UUID LeaderArrowBlockId () const
double LeaderArrowSize () const
 Arrow size. More...
ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type LeaderArrowType () const
double LeaderContentAngleDegrees () const
double LeaderContentAngleRadians () const
ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle LeaderContentAngleStyle () const
 was contentalignment More...
ON_DimStyle::leader_curve_type LeaderCurveType () const
bool LeaderHasLanding () const
double LeaderLandingLength () const
ON::TextHorizontalAlignment LeaderTextHorizontalAlignment () const
ON::TextOrientation LeaderTextOrientation () const
ON::TextVerticalAlignment LeaderTextVerticalAlignment () const
 was attachstyle More...
double LengthFactor () const
 LengthFactor is a rarely used. It applies when a model is being drawn to a scale and the dimension length values should be reverse scaled. For example, if a model is drawn at 1/4 scale, a line 5 units long indicates the real world line is 20 units long. In this case setting LengthFactor to 4 would cause a linear dimension applied to that line to display a value of 20. /summary> More...
int LengthResolution () const
 Display resolution for distance measurements. More...
double MaskBorder () const
ON_Color MaskColor () const
ON_TextMask::MaskType MaskFillType () const
 Determines where to get the color to draw a Text Mask. More...
ON_TextMask::MaskFrame MaskFrameType () const
 Determines whether to draw a frame around a Text Mask. More...
ON_DimStyleoperator= (const ON_DimStyle &)=default
ON__UINT32 OverrideCount () const
void OverrideFields (const ON_DimStyle &source, const ON_DimStyle &parent)
void OverrideFieldsWithDifferentValues (const ON_DimStyle &source, const ON_DimStyle &parent)
const ON_SHA1_HashParentContentHash () const
const class ON_FontParentDimStyleFont () const
const ON_wStringPrefix () const
 Dimension prefix text. More...
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &) override
 virtual More...
double RoundOff () const
void Scale (double scale)
double ScaleLeftLength_mm () const
double ScaleRightLength_mm () const
const ON_ScaleValueScaleValue () const
void SetAlternate (bool)
void SetAlternateBelow (bool below)
void SetAlternateDimensionLengthDisplay (ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay length_display)
 Set alternate dimension length units and format /summary> More...
void SetAlternateLengthFactor (double)
 AlternateLengthFactor is a rarely used. See Length factor for a discription of this property. /summary> More...
void SetAlternateLengthResolution (int)
void SetAlternatePrefix (const wchar_t *)
void SetAlternateRoundOff (double r)
void SetAlternateSuffix (const wchar_t *)
void SetAlternateToleranceResolution (int r)
void SetAlternateZeroSuppress (ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero s)
void SetAngleFormat (angle_format format)
void SetAngleResolution (int)
void SetAngleRoundOff (double r)
void SetAngleZeroSuppress (ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero s)
void SetArcLengthSymbol (int m)
void SetArrowBlockId1 (ON_UUID id)
void SetArrowBlockId2 (ON_UUID id)
void SetArrowColor (ON_Color c)
void SetArrowColorSource (const ON::object_color_source src)
void SetArrowFit (ON_DimStyle::arrow_fit arrowfit)
void SetArrowPlotColor (ON_Color c)
void SetArrowPlotColorSource (const ON::plot_color_source src)
void SetArrowSize (const double)
void SetArrowType1 (ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type)
void SetArrowType1And2 (ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type)
void SetArrowType2 (ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type)
void SetBaselineSpacing (double spacing)
void SetCenterMark (const double)
void SetCenterMarkStyle (ON_DimStyle::centermark_style style)
void SetDecimalSeparator (wchar_t separator)
void SetDimensionLengthDisplay (ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay length_display)
 Alternate dimension length units and format /summary> More...
void SetDimensionLineColor (ON_Color c)
void SetDimensionLineColorSource (const ON::object_color_source src)
void SetDimensionLinePlotColor (ON_Color c)
void SetDimensionLinePlotColorSource (const ON::plot_color_source src)
void SetDimensionLinePlotWeight (double w)
void SetDimensionLinePlotWeightSource (const ON::plot_weight_source src)
void SetDimExtension (const double e)
void SetDimRadialTextAngleStyle (ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle style)
void SetDimRadialTextLocation (ON_DimStyle::TextLocation)
void SetDimRadialTextOrientation (ON::TextOrientation)
void SetDimScale (double left_val, ON::LengthUnitSystem left_us, double right_val, ON::LengthUnitSystem right_us)
void SetDimScale (double scale)
void SetDimScale (ON_ScaleValue sv)
void SetDimScaleSource (int source)
void SetDimTextAngleStyle (ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle style)
void SetDimTextLocation (ON_DimStyle::TextLocation)
void SetDimTextOrientation (ON::TextOrientation)
void SetDrawForward (bool drawforward)
void SetDrawTextMask (bool bDraw)
void SetExtensionLineColor (ON_Color c)
void SetExtensionLineColorSource (const ON::object_color_source src)
void SetExtensionLinePlotColor (ON_Color c)
void SetExtensionLinePlotColorSource (const ON::plot_color_source src)
void SetExtensionLinePlotWeight (double w)
void SetExtensionLinePlotWeightSource (const ON::plot_weight_source src)
void SetExtExtension (const double)
void SetExtOffset (const double)
void SetFieldOverride (ON_DimStyle::field field_id, bool bOverrideParent)
void SetFieldOverrideAll (bool bOverrideParent)
void SetFixedExtensionLen (double l)
void SetFixedExtensionLenOn (bool on)
void SetFont (const class ON_Font &font_characteristics)
void SetForceDimLine (bool forcedimline)
void SetLeaderArrowBlockId (ON_UUID id)
void SetLeaderArrowSize (const double)
void SetLeaderArrowType (ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type)
void SetLeaderContentAngleDegrees (double angle_degrees)
void SetLeaderContentAngleRadians (double angle_radians)
void SetLeaderContentAngleStyle (ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle style)
void SetLeaderCurveType (ON_DimStyle::leader_curve_type type)
void SetLeaderHasLanding (bool landing)
void SetLeaderLandingLength (double length)
void SetLeaderTextHorizontalAlignment (ON::TextHorizontalAlignment halign)
void SetLeaderTextOrientation (ON::TextOrientation)
void SetLeaderTextVerticalAlignment (ON::TextVerticalAlignment style)
void SetLengthFactor (double)
 LengthFactor is a rarely used. It applies when a model is being drawn to a scale and the dimension length values should be reverse scaled. For example, if a model is drawn at 1/4 scale, a line 5 units long indicates the real world line is 20 units long. In this case setting LengthFactor to 4 would cause a linear dimension applied to that line to display a value of 20. /summary> More...
void SetLengthResolution (int)
void SetMaskBorder (double offset)
void SetMaskColor (ON_Color color)
 Does not return viewport background color. More...
void SetMaskFillType (ON_TextMask::MaskType source)
void SetMaskFrameType (ON_TextMask::MaskFrame source)
void SetPrefix (const wchar_t *)
void SetRoundOff (double r)
void SetSignedOrdinate (bool allowsigned)
void SetSourceDimstyle (ON_UUID source_uuid)
void SetStackFractionFormat (ON_DimStyle::stack_format f)
void SetStackHeightScale (double f)
void SetSuffix (const wchar_t *)
void SetSuppressArrow1 (bool s)
void SetSuppressArrow2 (bool s)
void SetSuppressExtension1 (bool)
void SetSuppressExtension2 (bool)
void SetTextColor (ON_Color c)
void SetTextColorSource (const ON::object_color_source src)
void SetTextFit (ON_DimStyle::text_fit textfit)
void SetTextGap (double gap)
void SetTextHeight (double height)
void SetTextHorizontalAlignment (ON::TextHorizontalAlignment halign)
void SetTextMask (const ON_TextMask &text_mask)
void SetTextMoveLeader (int m)
void SetTextOrientation (ON::TextOrientation)
void SetTextPlotColor (ON_Color c)
void SetTextPlotColorSource (const ON::object_color_source src)
void SetTextRotation (double r)
void SetTextUnderlined (bool underlined)
void SetTextVerticalAlignment (ON::TextVerticalAlignment style)
void SetToleranceFormat (ON_DimStyle::tolerance_format format)
void SetToleranceHeightScale (double scale)
void SetToleranceLowerValue (double lower_value)
void SetToleranceResolution (int resolution)
void SetToleranceUpperValue (double upper_value)
void SetToleranceZeroSuppress (ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero s)
void SetUnitSystem (ON::LengthUnitSystem us)
 NOTE WELL: A dimstyle unit system was added in V6, but has never been fully used. The idea was this would make it easier to figure out what text height/ arrow size, ... actually meant. Especially in situations where model space and page space have different unit systems, and in more complex cases like text in instance definitions and inserting annotation from models with mismatched unit systems. It is used internally to get some scales properly set and use in limited merging contexts. More...
void SetUnitSystemFromContext (bool bUseName, ON::LengthUnitSystem source_unit_system, ON::LengthUnitSystem destination_unit_system)
void SetZeroSuppress (ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero s)
bool SignedOrdinate () const
ON_UUID SourceDimstyle () const
ON_DimStyle::stack_format StackFractionFormat () const
double StackHeightScale () const
const ON_wStringSuffix () const
 Dimension suffix text. More...
bool SuppressArrow1 () const
bool SuppressArrow2 () const
bool SuppressExtension1 () const
 Suppress first dimension extension line. More...
bool SuppressExtension2 () const
 Suppress second dimension extension line. More...
double TextAdvanceOfCodePoint (unsigned unicode_code_point) const
ON_Color TextColor () const
ON::object_color_source TextColorSource () const
ON_DimStyle::text_fit TextFit () const
double TextGap () const
 Distance from dimension lines to text. More...
double TextHeight () const
 Height of dimension text. More...
ON::TextHorizontalAlignment TextHorizontalAlignment () const
const ON_TextMaskTextMask () const
int TextMoveLeader () const
ON::TextOrientation TextOrientation () const
ON_Color TextPlotColor () const
ON::object_color_source TextPlotColorSource () const
const class ON_SHA1_Hash TextPositionPropertiesHash () const
double TextRotation () const
bool TextUnderlined () const
ON::TextVerticalAlignment TextVerticalAlignment () const
double TextWidthOfEmSpace () const
double TextWidthOfEnSpace () const
double TextWidthOfFigureSpace () const
double TextWidthOfIdeographicSpace () const
double TextWidthOfMediumMathematicalSpace () const
double TextWidthOfSpace () const
tolerance_format ToleranceFormat () const
double ToleranceHeightScale () const
double ToleranceLowerValue () const
int ToleranceResolution () const
double ToleranceUpperValue () const
ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero ToleranceZeroSuppress () const
ON::LengthUnitSystem UnitSystem () const
 NOTE WELL: A dimstyle unit system was added in V6, but has never been fully used. The idea was this would make it easier to figure out what text height/ arrow size, ... actually meant. Especially in situations where model space and page space have different unit systems, and in more complex cases like text in instance definitions and inserting annotation from models with mismatched unit systems. It is used internally to get some scales properly set and use in limited merging contexts. More...
bool UnitSystemIsSet () const
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const override
 virtual More...
ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero ZeroSuppress () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_ModelComponent
 ON_ModelComponent () ON_NOEXCEPT
 ON_ModelComponent (const ON_ModelComponent &source)
 ON_ModelComponent (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type) ON_NOEXCEPT
 ON_ModelComponent (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type, const ON_ModelComponent &source) ON_NOEXCEPT
 Locked status of source attributes is not copied to permit copy and modify operations. More...
 ~ON_ModelComponent ()=default
bool ChangeName (const wchar_t *new_name, class ON_ComponentManifest *manifest)
bool ClearComponentType ()
bool ClearId ()
bool ClearIndex ()
unsigned int ClearModelComponentAttributes (unsigned int attributes_filter)
bool ClearModelComponentStatus ()
bool ClearModelSerialNumber ()
bool ClearName ()
bool ClearParentId ()
int CompareName (const ON_UUID &other_parent_id, const wchar_t *other_name) const
int CompareName (const wchar_t *other_name) const
int CompareNameExact (const ON_UUID &other_parent_id, const wchar_t *other_name) const
int CompareNameExact (const wchar_t *other_name) const
ON_ModelComponent::Type ComponentType () const
bool ComponentTypeIsLocked () const
bool ComponentTypeIsSet () const
ON__UINT64 ContentVersionNumber () const
unsigned int CopyFrom (const ON_ModelComponent &src, unsigned int attributes_filter)
ON__UINT32 DataCRC (ON__UINT32 current_remainder) const override
const ON_wString DeletedName () const
const ON_NameHashDeletedNameHash () const
bool DeletedNameIsSet () const
bool DeleteName ()
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const override
bool EraseIdentification (bool bIgnoreLocks)
const wchar_tGetName (ON_wString &component_name) const
const ON_UUIDId () const
bool IdIsLocked () const
bool IdIsNil () const
bool IdIsNotNil () const
bool IdIsSet () const
const ON_UUIDIfIdIsNilSetId ()
int Index () const
int Index (int unset_index_value) const
bool IndexIsLocked () const
bool IndexIsSet () const
unsigned int InstanceDefinitionModelSerialNumber () const
bool IsDeleted () const
bool IsHidden () const
bool IsLocked () const
bool IsReferenceComponent () const
bool IsSystemComponent () const
bool IsValid (class ON_TextLog *text_log=nullptr) const override
void LockAllSettingsExceptName ()
void LockComponentType ()
void LockId ()
void LockIndex ()
void LockModelComponentStatus ()
void LockModelSerialNumber ()
void LockName ()
void LockParentId ()
ON_ComponentStatus ModelComponentStatus () const
bool ModelComponentStatusIsLocked () const
bool ModelComponentStatusIsSet () const
ON_UUID ModelObjectId () const override
unsigned int ModelSerialNumber () const
bool ModelSerialNumberIsLocked () const
bool ModelSerialNumberIsSet () const
const ON_wString Name () const
const wchar_tNameAsPointer () const
const ON_NameHashNameHash () const
bool NameIsEmpty () const
bool NameIsLocked () const
bool NameIsNotEmpty () const
bool NameIsSet () const
const ON_NameHash NewNameHash (const wchar_t *new_name) const
ON_ModelComponentoperator= (const ON_ModelComponent &source)
const ON_UUIDParentId () const
bool ParentIdIsLocked () const
bool ParentIdIsNil () const
bool ParentIdIsNotNil () const
bool ParentIdIsSet () const
bool ReadModelComponentAttributes (class ON_BinaryArchive &archive)
unsigned int ReferenceModelSerialNumber () const
ON__UINT64 RuntimeSerialNumber () const
const ON_UUIDSetAndLockId ()
bool SetAsSystemComponent ()
bool SetAsUnsetSystemComponent ()
bool SetComponentType (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_component_type)
bool SetDeletedModelComponentState (bool bDeleted, class ON_ComponentManifest *manifest)
void SetHiddenModelComponentState (bool bHidden)
const ON_UUIDSetId ()
bool SetId (const ON_UUID &component_id)
bool SetIdentification (const class ON_ComponentManifestItem &manifest_item, const wchar_t *manifest_name, bool bSetId, bool bParentId, bool bSetName, bool bSetIndex)
bool SetIndex (int component_index)
bool SetLocalizedSystemComponentName (const wchar_t *system_component_localized_name)
void SetLockedModelComponentState (bool bLocked)
bool SetModelComponentStatus (ON_ComponentStatus component_status)
bool SetModelSerialNumber (unsigned int model_serial_number)
bool SetModelSerialNumber (unsigned int model_serial_number, unsigned int reference_model_serial_number, unsigned int instance_definition_model_serial_number)
bool SetName (const wchar_t *component_name)
bool SetParentId (const ON_UUID &parent_id)
unsigned int SizeOf () const override
bool UndeleteName ()
bool WriteModelComponentAttributes (class ON_BinaryArchive &archive, unsigned int attributes_filter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Object
 ON_Object (const ON_Object &)
virtual ~ON_Object ()
virtual ON_AggregateComponentStatus AggregateComponentStatus () const
bool AttachUserData (class ON_UserData *pUserData)
unsigned int ClearAllComponentStates () const
virtual unsigned int ClearComponentStates (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, ON_ComponentStatus states_to_clear) const
virtual unsigned int ClearComponentStates (ON_ComponentStatus states_to_clear) const
void CopyUserData (const ON_Object &source_object)
unsigned int CopyUserData (const ON_Object &source_object, ON_UUID source_userdata_item_id, ON_Object::UserDataConflictResolution userdata_conflict_resolution)
virtual bool DeleteComponents (const ON_COMPONENT_INDEX *ci_list, size_t ci_count)
virtual void DestroyRuntimeCache (bool bDelete=true)
bool DetachUserData (class ON_UserData *pUserData)
void EmergencyDestroy ()
class ON_UserDataFirstUserData () const
virtual unsigned int GetComponentsWithSetStates (ON_ComponentStatus states_filter, bool bAllEqualStates, ON_SimpleArray< ON_COMPONENT_INDEX > &components) const
class ON_UserDataGetUserData (const ON_UUID &userdata_uuid) const
bool GetUserString (const wchar_t *key, ON_wString &string_value) const
int GetUserStringKeys (ON_ClassArray< ON_wString > &user_string_keys) const
int GetUserStrings (ON_ClassArray< ON_UserString > &user_strings) const
bool IsCorrupt (bool bRepair, bool bSilentError, class ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsKindOf (const ON_ClassId *pClassId) const
virtual void MarkAggregateComponentStatusAsNotCurrent () const
virtual void MemoryRelocate ()
void MoveUserData (ON_Object &source_object)
unsigned int MoveUserData (ON_Object &source_object, ON_UUID source_userdata_item_id, ON_Object::UserDataConflictResolution userdata_conflict_resolution, bool bDeleteAllSourceItems)
virtual ON::object_type ObjectType () const
ON_Objectoperator= (const ON_Object &)
void PurgeUserData ()
virtual unsigned int SetComponentStates (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, ON_ComponentStatus states_to_set) const
virtual unsigned int SetComponentStatus (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX component_index, ON_ComponentStatus status_to_copy) const
bool SetUserString (const wchar_t *key, const wchar_t *string_value)
int SetUserStrings (int count, const ON_UserString *user_strings, bool bReplace)
bool ThisIsNullptr (bool bSilentError) const
void TransformUserData (const class ON_Xform &xform)
virtual bool UpdateReferencedComponents (const class ON_ComponentManifest &source_manifest, const class ON_ComponentManifest &destination_manifest, const class ON_ManifestMap &manifest_map)
int UserStringCount () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitPrecisionList (CComboBox &combo_box, int def_precision, UINT current_format)
 decimal, fractional, feet/inches More...
static void InitPrecisionList (CComboBox *combo_boxes[2], int defaults[2], UINT &current_format, BOOL bLinearOnly)
static void InitToleranceStyleList (CComboBox &combo_box, UINT current=0)
static unsigned int NextRuntimeSerialNumber ()
static const ON_DimStyleParentDimstyle (const CRhinoDoc *doc, ON_UUID id)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ON_DimStyle
static ON_DimStyle::angle_format AngleFormatFromUnsigned (unsigned int format_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::arrow_fit ArrowFitFromUnsigned (unsigned int arrow_fit_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::centermark_style CentermarkStyleFromUnsigned (unsigned int centermark_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::ContentAngleStyle ContentAngleStyleFromUnsigned (unsigned int alignment_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyleCreateFromFont (const ON_Font *font_characteristics, double model_space_text_scale, const ON_DimStyle *dimstyle_settings, const class ON_ComponentManifest *manifest, ON_DimStyle *destination)
static const ON_DimStyle CreateFromProperties (const ON_DimStyle &parent_dim_style, ON::AnnotationType annotation_type, const ON_Font *font, double model_space_text_scale, double text_height, ON::LengthUnitSystem text_height_unit_system)
static const ON_DimStyle CreateFromProperties (const ON_DimStyle &parent_dim_style, ON::AnnotationType annotation_type, const ON_Font *font, double model_space_text_scale, double text_height, ON::LengthUnitSystem text_height_unit_system, ON::TextVerticalAlignment valign, ON::TextHorizontalAlignment halign)
static const ON_DimStyle CreateFromProperties (const ON_DimStyle &parent_dim_style, ON::AnnotationType annotation_type, const ON_Font *font, double model_space_text_scale, double text_height, ON::LengthUnitSystem text_height_unit_system, ON::TextVerticalAlignment valign, ON::TextHorizontalAlignment halign, ON::TextOrientation orientation, ON_DimStyle::TextLocation dim_text_location)
static const class ON_DimStyleDimStyleOrDefault (const class ON_DimStyle *dimstyle)
static ON::OBSOLETE_DistanceDisplayMode DistanceDisplayModeFromLengthFormat (ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format)
 convert ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format enum to ON::OBSOLETE_DistanceDisplayMode enum More...
static ON_DimStyle::field FieldFromUnsigned (unsigned int field_as_unsigned)
static const ON_DimStyleFromModelComponentRef (const class ON_ModelComponentReference &model_component_reference, const ON_DimStyle *none_return_value)
static ON_DimStyle::leader_curve_type LeaderCurveTypeFromUnsigned (unsigned int type_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay LengthDisplayFromUnitsAndFormat (ON::LengthUnitSystem units, ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format lengthformat)
static ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay LengthDisplayFromUnsigned (unsigned int length_display_as_unsigned)
static bool LengthDisplayIsDecimal (ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay dimension_length_display)
static ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format LengthFormatFromDistanceDisplayMode (ON::OBSOLETE_DistanceDisplayMode)
 convert ON::OBSOLETE_DistanceDisplayMode enum to ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format enum More...
static ON::LengthUnitSystem LengthUnitSystemFromLengthDisplay (ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay dimension_length_display)
static ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format OBSOLETE_LengthFormatFromLengthDisplay (ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay dimension_length_display, ON::LengthUnitSystem model_unit_system)
static ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format OBSOLETE_LengthFormatFromLengthDisplay (ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay dimension_length_display, unsigned int model_serial_number)
static ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format OBSOLETE_LengthFormatFromUnsigned (unsigned int format_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::stack_format StackFormatFromUnsigned (unsigned int format_as_unsigned)
static const ON_DimStyleSystemDimstyleFromContentHash (const ON_SHA1_Hash &content_hash)
static const ON_DimStyleSystemDimstyleFromId (ON_UUID id)
static const ON_DimStyleSystemDimstyleFromIndex (int index)
static const ON_DimStyleSystemDimstyleFromName (const ON_NameHash &name_hash)
static ON_DimStyle::text_fit TextFitFromUnsigned (unsigned int text_fit_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::TextLocation TextLocationFromUnsigned (unsigned int dim_text_location_as_unsigned)
static ON_DimStyle::tolerance_format ToleranceFormatFromUnsigned (unsigned int format_as_unsigned)
static int V5AngleFormat (ON_DimStyle::angle_format v6format)
static int V5ArrowType (ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type v6type)
 For converting to and from V5 Dimstyles. More...
static int V5LengthFormat (ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format v6format)
static int V5MaskColorSourceFromV6MaskType (ON_TextMask::MaskType mask_type)
static int V5ToleranceFormat (ON_DimStyle::tolerance_format v6format)
static ON_DimStyle::angle_format V6AngleFormat (int v5format)
static ON_Arrowhead::arrow_type V6ArrowType (int v5type)
static ON_DimStyle::OBSOLETE_length_format V6LengthFormat (int v5format)
static ON_TextMask::MaskType V6MaskTypeFromV5MaskColorSource (int v5_mask_color_source)
static ON_DimStyle::tolerance_format V6ToleranceFormat (int v5format)
static ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero ZeroSuppressFromUnsigned (unsigned int suppress_ero_as_unsigned)
static bool ZeroSuppressMatchesLengthDisplay (ON_DimStyle::suppress_zero zero_suppress, ON_DimStyle::LengthDisplay length_display)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ON_ModelComponent
static int CompareId (const ON_ModelComponent &a, const ON_ModelComponent &b)
static int CompareIdAndName (const ON_ModelComponent &a, const ON_ModelComponent &b)
static int CompareName (const ON_ModelComponent &a, const ON_ModelComponent &b)
static int CompareNameAndId (const ON_ModelComponent &a, const ON_ModelComponent &b)
static int CompareNameExact (const ON_ModelComponent &a, const ON_ModelComponent &b)
static ON_ModelComponent::Type ComponentTypeFromUnsigned (unsigned int component_type_as_unsigned)
static bool ComponentTypeIsValid (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type)
static bool ComponentTypeIsValidAndNotMixed (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type)
static const ON_wString ComponentTypeToString (ON_ModelComponent::Type)
static bool IndexRequired (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type)
static unsigned int Internal_SystemComponentHelper ()
 For internal use. Never call this function. More...
static const wchar_tIsNamePathSeparator (const wchar_t *s)
*static const wchar_tIsReferencePrefixDelimiter (const wchar_t *s)
static const wchar_tIsReferencePrefixSeparator (const wchar_t *s)
static bool IsValidComponentName (const class ON_ComponentManifest &model_manfest, const ON_ModelComponent &model_component, bool bPermitReferencePrefix, ON_wString &valid_name)
static bool IsValidComponentName (const ON_wString &candidate_component_name)
static bool IsValidComponentName (const wchar_t *candidate_component_name)
static bool IsValidComponentName (size_t length, const wchar_t *candidate_component_name)
static bool IsValidComponentNameFirstCodePoint (int length, const wchar_t *candidate_component_name)
static bool IsValidComponentNameFirstCodePoint (ON__UINT32 unicode_code_point)
static const ON_wString NameLeaf (const wchar_t *name)
static const ON_wString NameParent (const wchar_t *name, bool bIncludeReference)
static const ON_wString NameReferencePrefix (const wchar_t *name)
static ON__UINT64 NextRuntimeSerialNumber ()
static const ON_wString RemoveAllReferencePrefixDelimiters (const wchar_t *name)
static const ON_wString RemoveReferencePrefix (const wchar_t *name)
static const ON_wString RemoveTrailingNamePathSeparator (const wchar_t *name)
static const ON_wString RemoveTrailingReferencePrefixDelimiter (const wchar_t *name)
static const ON_wString RemoveTrailingReferencePrefixSeparator (const wchar_t *name)
static void SplitName (const wchar_t *name, ON_wString &reference_prefix, ON_wString &name_parent, ON_wString &name_leaf)
static bool UniqueNameIgnoresCase (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type)
static bool UniqueNameIncludesParent (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type)
static bool UniqueNameRequired (ON_ModelComponent::Type component_type)

Public Attributes

const unsigned int m_dimstyle_sn
const class CRhinoDimStyleTablem_doc_dimension_style_table
int m_remap_index = -1
int m_sort_index = -1
 Runtime index used to sort dimstyles in dialogs. More...


class CRhinoDimStyleTable

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from ON_DimStyle
static const ON_DimStyle Default
 index = -1, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultFeetDecimal
 index = -8, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultFeetEngrave
 index = -9, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultFootInchArchitecture
 index = -4, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultInchDecimal
 index = -2, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultInchFractional
 index = -3, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultMillimeterArchitecture
 index = -7, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultMillimeterEngrave
 index = -10, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultMillimeterLarge
 index = -6, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultMillimeterSmall
 index = -5, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultModelUnitsDecimal
 index = -11, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle DefaultModelUnitsEngrave
 index = -12, unique and persistent id. More...
static const ON_DimStyle Unset
 Predefined default dimension styles always available. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ON_ModelComponent
static const ON_wString NamePathSeparator
static const ON_wString ReferencePrefixDelimiter
static const ON_wString ReferencePrefixSeparator
static const ON_ModelComponent Unset
*static const ON_wString WorksessionReferencePrefix *const wchar_t
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ON_ModelComponent
void IncrementContentVersionNumber () const

Detailed Description

CRhinoDimStyle class.

Copyright (c) 1993-2017 Robert McNeel & Associates. All rights reserved. Rhinoceros is a registered trademark of Robert McNeel & Associates.


For complete Rhino SDK copyright information see http://www.rhino3d.com/developer.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Member Function Documentation

◆ DSxArrowSize()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxArrowSize ( ) const

◆ DSxCenterMark()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxCenterMark ( ) const

◆ DSxDimExtension()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxDimExtension ( ) const

◆ DSxExtExtension()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxExtExtension ( ) const

These functions are like the ON_DimStyle ones but with the values multiplied by DimScale()

◆ DSxExtOffset()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxExtOffset ( ) const

◆ DSxLeaderArrowSize()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxLeaderArrowSize ( ) const

◆ DSxTextGap()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxTextGap ( ) const

◆ DSxTextHeight()

double CRhinoDimStyle::DSxTextHeight ( ) const

◆ InitPrecisionList() [1/2]

static void CRhinoDimStyle::InitPrecisionList ( CComboBox &  combo_box,
int  def_precision,
UINT  current_format 

decimal, fractional, feet/inches

combo_boxcombobox control
def_precisiondefault precision

◆ InitPrecisionList() [2/2]

static void CRhinoDimStyle::InitPrecisionList ( CComboBox *  combo_boxes[2],
int  defaults[2],
UINT &  current_format,
BOOL  bLinearOnly 
combo_boxes(Obsolete function) length and angle combo box controls
defaultsdefault length and angle precision
current_formatlast/next radio button index (input/output)

◆ InitToleranceStyleList()

static void CRhinoDimStyle::InitToleranceStyleList ( CComboBox &  combo_box,
UINT  current = 0 

◆ IsReference()

bool CRhinoDimStyle::IsReference ( ) const

Returns: True if the dimstyle is part of a worksession reference model or a linked instance definition model. If IsReference() is true, then the dimstyle will not be saved as part of this document. See Also: CRhinoDimStyle::WorksessionReferenceModelSerialNumber() CRhinoDimStyle::LinkedInstanceDefinitionSerialNumber

◆ IsSystemDimStyle()

bool CRhinoDimStyle::IsSystemDimStyle ( ) const

Returns: True if the dimstyle is one of the system dimstyles:

m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultDimensionStyle m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultInchDecimal m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultInchFractional m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultFootInchArchitecture m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultMillimeterSmall m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultMillimeterLarge m_doc_dimension_style_table.DefaultMillimeterArchitecture

◆ LinkedInstanceDefinitionSerialNumber()

unsigned int CRhinoDimStyle::LinkedInstanceDefinitionSerialNumber ( ) const

Returns: 0: The dimstyle is not part of a linked instance definition 1-1000: These numbers are reserved for future use. >1000: CRhinoDoc::m_instance_defintion_table.FindBySerialNumber() can be used to find the instance defintion. Remarks: The linked instance defintion serial number is a runtime value. It is not saved in files and it is generally different the next time a file is read.

◆ NextRuntimeSerialNumber()

static unsigned int CRhinoDimStyle::NextRuntimeSerialNumber ( )

◆ operator==()

bool CRhinoDimStyle::operator== ( const CRhinoDimStyle ) const

◆ ParentDimstyle()

static const ON_DimStyle* CRhinoDimStyle::ParentDimstyle ( const CRhinoDoc doc,
ON_UUID  id 

◆ WorksessionReferenceModelSerialNumber()

unsigned int CRhinoDimStyle::WorksessionReferenceModelSerialNumber ( ) const

Returns: Worksession reference model id. 0: dimstyle is not in a reference model. 1: dimstyle is in an unidentified worksession reference model. 2-1000: reserved for future use >1000: Serial number of the worksession reference model. Remarks: The reference model serial number is a runtime value. It is not saved in files and it is generally different the next time a file is read.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CRhinoDimStyleTable

friend class CRhinoDimStyleTable

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_dimstyle_sn

const unsigned int CRhinoDimStyle::m_dimstyle_sn

Runtime serial number of this dimstyle. This serial number is unique for each dimstyle in an instance of a Rhino application. This serial number is not saved in files and it is generally different the next time a file is read.

◆ m_doc_dimension_style_table

const class CRhinoDimStyleTable& CRhinoDimStyle::m_doc_dimension_style_table

◆ m_remap_index

int CRhinoDimStyle::m_remap_index = -1

Used for font index remapping during I/O operations. It is a runtime variable and should be ignored by everything except CRhinoDoc::Read3DM() and CRhinoDoc::Write3DM().

◆ m_sort_index

int CRhinoDimStyle::m_sort_index = -1

Runtime index used to sort dimstyles in dialogs.