Rhino C++ API  8.7
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IRhRdkColorButton Class Referenceabstract

#include <RhRdkColorButton.h>

Inheritance diagram for IRhRdkColorButton:
IRhinoUiWithController IRhinoUiWindow IRhinoUiControllerEventWatcher

Public Types

enum  eClickAction { picker, dropper }

Public Member Functions

virtual CRhRdkColor BackgroundColor (void) const =0
virtual CRhRdkColor GetColor (void) const =0
virtual const wchar_t * GetVariesText (void) const =0
virtual void OnBeginDropper (void)=0
virtual void OnBeginPicker (void)=0
virtual void OnEndDropper (void)=0
virtual void OnEndPicker (void)=0
virtual void OnFinalEndPicker (void)=0
virtual void SetBackgroundColor (const CRhRdkColor &color)=0
virtual void SetChildSlotName (const wchar_t *wszChildSlotName)=0
virtual void SetClickAction (eClickAction action)=0
virtual void SetColor (const CRhRdkColor &color, bool bNotify)=0
virtual void SetColorEx (const CRhRdkColor &color, UINT uDelayMS)=0
virtual void SetNewPicker (IRhRdkColorPicker *pPicker)=0
virtual void SetNotificationHandler (IRhRdkNotificationHandler *pNH)=0
virtual void SetShowColorWhenDisabled (bool bShow)=0
virtual void SetUndoString (const wchar_t *wszUndo)=0
virtual void SetUseAlpha (bool bUseAlpha)=0
virtual void SetVaries (bool bVaries)=0
virtual bool ShowColorWhenDisabled (void) const =0
virtual bool UseAlpha (void) const =0
virtual bool Varies (void) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiWithController
virtual std::shared_ptr< IRhinoUiControllerController (void) const =0
virtual ON_UUID ControllerId (void) const =0
virtual void SetController (std::shared_ptr< IRhinoUiController > con)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiWindow
virtual ON_wString Caption (bool bAlwaysEnglish=false) const =0
virtual void Delete (void)=0
virtual void Enable (bool bEnable)=0
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *wszFunc, void *pvData)=0
virtual void GetScreenCoords (ON_4iRect &rectOut) const =0
virtual HWND GetWindow (void)=0
virtual bool IsCreated (void) const =0
virtual bool IsEnabled (void) const =0
virtual bool IsShown (void) const =0
virtual void Move (const ON_4iRect &rect, bool bRepaint=false, bool bRepaintBorder=false)=0
virtual HWND Parent (void) const =0
virtual void Refresh (bool bImmediate=false)=0
virtual void SetFocus (void)=0
virtual void SetParent (HWND parent)=0
virtual void Show (bool bShow)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiControllerEventWatcher
virtual void * EVF (const wchar_t *wszFunc, void *pvData)=0
virtual void OnControllerActivatedEvent (IRhinoUiController &con)=0
virtual void OnEvent (IRhinoUiController &con, const UUID &uuidData, IRhinoUiController::EventPriority ep, const IRhinoUiEventInfo *pInfo)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static IRhRdkColorButtonNew (RhRdkUiFrameworks f)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~IRhRdkColorButton ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiWithController
virtual ~IRhinoUiWithController ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiWindow
virtual ~IRhinoUiWindow ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IRhinoUiControllerEventWatcher
virtual ~IRhinoUiControllerEventWatcher ()

Detailed Description

This interface allows RDK color buttons to be used without needing MFC.


Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ eClickAction

Used by SetClickAction().


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IRhRdkColorButton()

virtual IRhRdkColorButton::~IRhRdkColorButton ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BackgroundColor()

virtual CRhRdkColor IRhRdkColorButton::BackgroundColor ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ GetColor()

virtual CRhRdkColor IRhRdkColorButton::GetColor ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ GetVariesText()

virtual const wchar_t* IRhRdkColorButton::GetVariesText ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ New()

static IRhRdkColorButton* IRhRdkColorButton::New ( RhRdkUiFrameworks  f)
a new instance of an implementation of this interface.
fis the framework to use. The default, 'Auto', will automatically choose the most suitable framework.

◆ OnBeginDropper()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::OnBeginDropper ( void  )
pure virtual

◆ OnBeginPicker()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::OnBeginPicker ( void  )
pure virtual

◆ OnEndDropper()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::OnEndDropper ( void  )
pure virtual

◆ OnEndPicker()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::OnEndPicker ( void  )
pure virtual

◆ OnFinalEndPicker()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::OnFinalEndPicker ( void  )
pure virtual

◆ SetBackgroundColor()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetBackgroundColor ( const CRhRdkColor color)
pure virtual

◆ SetChildSlotName()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetChildSlotName ( const wchar_t *  wszChildSlotName)
pure virtual

◆ SetClickAction()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetClickAction ( eClickAction  action)
pure virtual

◆ SetColor()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetColor ( const CRhRdkColor color,
bool  bNotify 
pure virtual

◆ SetColorEx()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetColorEx ( const CRhRdkColor color,
UINT  uDelayMS 
pure virtual

◆ SetNewPicker()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetNewPicker ( IRhRdkColorPicker pPicker)
pure virtual

◆ SetNotificationHandler()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetNotificationHandler ( IRhRdkNotificationHandler pNH)
pure virtual

Set a notification handler. RDK takes ownership of the object.

◆ SetShowColorWhenDisabled()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetShowColorWhenDisabled ( bool  bShow)
pure virtual

◆ SetUndoString()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetUndoString ( const wchar_t *  wszUndo)
pure virtual

◆ SetUseAlpha()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetUseAlpha ( bool  bUseAlpha)
pure virtual

◆ SetVaries()

virtual void IRhRdkColorButton::SetVaries ( bool  bVaries)
pure virtual

◆ ShowColorWhenDisabled()

virtual bool IRhRdkColorButton::ShowColorWhenDisabled ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ UseAlpha()

virtual bool IRhRdkColorButton::UseAlpha ( void  ) const
pure virtual

◆ Varies()

virtual bool IRhRdkColorButton::Varies ( void  ) const
pure virtual