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Grasshopper.Kernel.Undo.Actions Namespace

Contains a set of predefined undo/redo actions to make certain undo records simpler.
Public classGH_AddObjectAction
Records a single object addition.
Public classGH_AddStateAction
Record the addition of a single solution state to a document.
Public classGH_DataMatchingAction
Records a single Component DataComparison event.
Public classGH_DataModificationAction
Records a single Parameter DataModification event.
Public classGH_GenericObjectAction
Records a single object change. Object changes are undone/redone by (de)serializing the objects. Object changes also keep track of all wires feeding into and coming out of the object.
Public classGH_HiddenAction
Records a single object Preview event.
Public classGH_IconDisplayAction
Records a single icon display mode event.
Public classGH_IconOverrideAction
Records a single icon override event.
Public classGH_LayoutAction
Records a single object layout event. Useful for tracking object resizes.
Public classGH_LockedAction
Records a single object Enabled event.
Public classGH_NickNameAction
Records a single object NickName and IconDisplayMode event.
Public classGH_PersistentDataActionT
Records the changes in the persistent data of a parameter.
Public classGH_PivotAction
Records a single object pivot event. Useful for tracking object movement.
Public classGH_RemoveObjectAction
Records a single object removal.
Public classGH_RemoveStateAction
Record the removal of a single solution state from a document.
Public classGH_WireAction
Records any change to the input wires of a given parameter.
Public classGH_WireDisplayAction
Records a single wire display mode event.