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GH_Component Properties

The GH_Component type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
Gets or sets the attributes that are associated with this object. Only set custom attributes if you know what you are doing.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyCategory
Gets or sets the Category in which this object belongs. If HasCategory() returns false, this field has no meaning.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyClippingBox
Gets the clipping box for all preview geometry drawn by this component and all associated parameters.
Public propertyComponentGuid
Returns a consistent ID for this object type. Every object must supply a unique and unchanging ID that is used to identify objects of the same type.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyDescription
Gets or sets the description of the object. This field typically remains fixed during the lifetime of an object.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyExposure
Gets the exposure of this object in the Graphical User Interface. The default is to expose everywhere.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyHasCategory
Gets whether or not the Category field has been set.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyHasSubCategory
Gets whether or not the SubCategory field has been set.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Protected propertyHelpDescription
Override this method if you want the help topic content to be more than the Component description.
Public propertyHidden
Gets or sets the hidden flag for this component. Does not affect Hidden flags on parameters associated with this component.
Protected propertyIcon
Override this function to supply a custom icon (24x24 pixels). The result of this property is cached, so don't worry if icon retrieval is not very fast.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIcon_24x24
The icon associated with this object.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIcon_24x24_Locked
The greyscale icon of this object.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIconCapableUI
By default the NickName menu item supports the Icon Mode override toggle. If your UI is not capable of displaying icons, then override this property and return False.
(Inherited from GH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyIconDisplayMode
Gets the current display mode of the object.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyInConstructor
Gets the constructor flag for this instance. If InConstructor = True, it means the component is still registering parameters and the layout is not yet complete.
Public propertyInstanceDescription (Overrides GH_InstanceDescriptionInstanceDescription.)
Public propertyInstanceGuid
Gets the ID of this runtime instance.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyIsBakeCapable
Public propertyIsDataProvider
Components are never Data providers. Only the output parameters can be considered to be providers.
(Overrides GH_ActiveObjectIsDataProvider.)
Public propertyIsPreviewCapable
If a single parameter is PreviewCapable, so is the component. Override this property if you need special Preview flags.
Public propertyIsValidPrincipalParameterIndex
Gets whether the MasterParameterIndex property identifies a valid parameter.
Public propertyKeywords
Gets a list of additional keywords that describe the object. Typically this list is empty but you can override this property to aid in object searches.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyLocked
Gets or sets the Locked state for this Component. This also sets locked states for all input and output parameters.
(Overrides GH_ActiveObjectLocked.)
Public propertyMessage
Gets or sets a custom message to be displayed underneath the component. This message is not serialized and should be assigned on every solution anew.
Public propertyMutableNickName
Gets or sets a value that enables Nick name changes through the menu. The default is TRUE.
(Inherited from GH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name of the object. This field typically remains fixed during the lifetime of an object.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyNickName
Gets or sets the nickname of the object. This field can be changed by the user.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
Public propertyObsolete
Gets whether this object is obsolete. Default implementation returns true if the class name contains the string "OBSOLETE" or if this class has been decorated with the ObsoleteAttribute. You are free to override this if you want, but I suggest adding the ObsoleteAttribute instead.
(Inherited from GH_DocumentObject.)
Public propertyParams
Gets the parameter manager object for this component.
Public propertyPhase
Gets or sets the solution phase this object is currenly in.
(Inherited from GH_ActiveObject.)
Public propertyPrincipalParameterIndex
Gets or sets the principal parameter index override. Negative indices or indices larger than or equal to the input parameter count will be ignored and regular principal parameter detection will kick in.
Public propertyProcessorTime
Gets the total processor time (profiler) spend by this component and all input parameters.
(Overrides GH_ActiveObjectProcessorTime.)
Public propertyRunCount
Gets a value indicating how many times the SolveInstance method was called on this component during the last solution. This property will return -1 if no valid runcount is available.
Public propertyRuntimeMessageLevel
Returns the worst case runtime warning level of me and all my parameters
(Overrides GH_ActiveObjectRuntimeMessageLevel.)
Public propertySubCategory
Gets or sets the SubCategory in which this object belongs. If HasSubCategory() returns false, this field has no meaning.
(Inherited from GH_InstanceDescription.)
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