Rhino C++ API  7.26
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ON_3dmView Class Reference

#include <opennurbs_3dm_settings.h>

Public Member Functions

 ON_3dmView ()
 ~ON_3dmView ()
void Default ()
void Dump (ON_TextLog &text_log) const
double FocalBlurAperture (void) const
double FocalBlurDistance (void) const
double FocalBlurJitter (void) const
ON_FocalBlurModes FocalBlurMode (void) const
unsigned int FocalBlurSampleCount (void) const
bool IsValid (ON_TextLog *text_log=0) const
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &)
ON_2iSize RenderingSize () const
void SetFocalBlurAperture (double d)
void SetFocalBlurDistance (double d)
void SetFocalBlurJitter (double d)
void SetFocalBlurMode (ON_FocalBlurModes m)
void SetFocalBlurSampleCount (unsigned int count)
void SetRenderingSize (const ON_2iSize &size)
bool SetTargetPoint (ON_3dPoint target_point)
ON_3dPoint TargetPoint () const
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const

Public Attributes

bool m_bLockedProjection
bool m_bShowConstructionAxes
bool m_bShowConstructionGrid
bool m_bShowConstructionZAxis
bool m_bShowWorldAxes
 world axes icon More...
ON_SimpleArray< ON_ClippingPlaneInfom_clipping_planes
ON_3dmConstructionPlane m_cplane
ON_UUID m_display_mode_id
ON_wString m_name
 name on window More...
ON_UUID m_named_view_id
ON_3dmPageSettings m_page_settings
ON_3dmViewPosition m_position
ON_3dmViewTraceImage m_trace_image
 tracing image More...
ON::view_type m_view_type
 model, page, or nested More...
ON_Viewport m_vp
 view projection information More...
ON_3dmWallpaperImage m_wallpaper_image
 wallpaper image More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ON_3dmView()

ON_3dmView::ON_3dmView ( )

◆ ~ON_3dmView()

ON_3dmView::~ON_3dmView ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Default()

void ON_3dmView::Default ( )

The C++ default copy constructor and operator= work fine. Do not provide customized versions. NO ///< ON_3dmView(const ON_3dmView&); NO ///< ON_3dmView& operator=(const ON_3dmView&);

◆ Dump()

void ON_3dmView::Dump ( ON_TextLog text_log) const

◆ FocalBlurAperture()

double ON_3dmView::FocalBlurAperture ( void  ) const

◆ FocalBlurDistance()

double ON_3dmView::FocalBlurDistance ( void  ) const

◆ FocalBlurJitter()

double ON_3dmView::FocalBlurJitter ( void  ) const

◆ FocalBlurMode()

ON_FocalBlurModes ON_3dmView::FocalBlurMode ( void  ) const

◆ FocalBlurSampleCount()

unsigned int ON_3dmView::FocalBlurSampleCount ( void  ) const

◆ IsValid()

bool ON_3dmView::IsValid ( ON_TextLog text_log = 0) const

◆ Read()

bool ON_3dmView::Read ( ON_BinaryArchive )

◆ RenderingSize()

ON_2iSize ON_3dmView::RenderingSize ( ) const

◆ SetFocalBlurAperture()

void ON_3dmView::SetFocalBlurAperture ( double  d)

◆ SetFocalBlurDistance()

void ON_3dmView::SetFocalBlurDistance ( double  d)

◆ SetFocalBlurJitter()

void ON_3dmView::SetFocalBlurJitter ( double  d)

◆ SetFocalBlurMode()

void ON_3dmView::SetFocalBlurMode ( ON_FocalBlurModes  m)

◆ SetFocalBlurSampleCount()

void ON_3dmView::SetFocalBlurSampleCount ( unsigned int  count)

◆ SetRenderingSize()

void ON_3dmView::SetRenderingSize ( const ON_2iSize size)

◆ SetTargetPoint()

bool ON_3dmView::SetTargetPoint ( ON_3dPoint  target_point)

Description: Sets the viewport target point. Parameters: target_point - [in] When in doubt, the point m_vp.FrustumCenterPoint(ON_UNSET_VALUE) is a good choice. Remarks: This point is saved on m_vp.m_target_point.

◆ TargetPoint()

ON_3dPoint ON_3dmView::TargetPoint ( ) const

target point Returns: Target point. This point is saved on m_vp.m_target_point. The default constructor sets the target point to ON_3dPoint::UnsetPoint. You must explicitly set the target point if you want to use it. Remarks: The target point is stored on m_vp.m_target_point. The value ON_3dmView.m_target is obsolete. This function always returns the value of m_vp.m_target_point.

◆ Write()

bool ON_3dmView::Write ( ON_BinaryArchive ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bLockedProjection

bool ON_3dmView::m_bLockedProjection

If true, the the camera location, camera direction, and lens angle should not be changed. It is ok to adjust clipping planes.

◆ m_bShowConstructionAxes

bool ON_3dmView::m_bShowConstructionAxes

◆ m_bShowConstructionGrid

bool ON_3dmView::m_bShowConstructionGrid

◆ m_bShowConstructionZAxis

bool ON_3dmView::m_bShowConstructionZAxis

◆ m_bShowWorldAxes

bool ON_3dmView::m_bShowWorldAxes

world axes icon

◆ m_clipping_planes

ON_SimpleArray<ON_ClippingPlaneInfo> ON_3dmView::m_clipping_planes

clipping planes Prior to Dec 14, 2010 m_clipping_planes was not saved with the view. After Dec 14, 2010 m_clipping_planes is saved.

◆ m_cplane

ON_3dmConstructionPlane ON_3dmView::m_cplane

Construction plane

◆ m_display_mode_id

ON_UUID ON_3dmView::m_display_mode_id

The value of m_display_mode_id can be one of the "standard" ids from ON_StandardDisplayModeId, nil, or a custom display mode settings on a particular computer. If you encounter a nil id or any other id that is not one of the "standard" display mode ids, then your application should use a default display mode, typically either wireframe or shaded, that is appropriate for general model viewing. The function ON::RhinoV3DisplayMode(id) will convert a display mode id into a legacy Rhino V3 display mode enum value.

◆ m_name

ON_wString ON_3dmView::m_name

name on window

◆ m_named_view_id

ON_UUID ON_3dmView::m_named_view_id

Named view information

If this view was created from a named view, then m_named_view_id identifies the named view.

The named views are ON_3dmView classes saved in ON_3dmSettings.m_named_views[]. A named view's id is the value returned by ON_3dmView.m_vp.ViewportId() A named view's name is the value returned by ON_3dmView.m_name

If this view is a named view, then m_named_view_id should be equal to m_vp.m_viewport_id.

If this view is not a named view and not created from a named view, then m_named_view_id is equal to ON_nil_uuid.

◆ m_page_settings

ON_3dmPageSettings ON_3dmView::m_page_settings

If m_view_type == ON::page_view_type, then the m_page_settings records the page size. Otherwise, m_page_settings should be ignored.

◆ m_position

ON_3dmViewPosition ON_3dmView::m_position

position of view in parent window (relative display device coordinates)

◆ m_trace_image

ON_3dmViewTraceImage ON_3dmView::m_trace_image

tracing image

◆ m_view_type

ON::view_type ON_3dmView::m_view_type

model, page, or nested

◆ m_vp

ON_Viewport ON_3dmView::m_vp

view projection information

◆ m_wallpaper_image

ON_3dmWallpaperImage ON_3dmView::m_wallpaper_image

wallpaper image