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GH_ArchiveSaveFileDialog Method

Displays a standard SaveFileDialog with all the fields set to cater for Grasshopper files.

Namespace:  GH_IO.Serialization
Assembly:  GH_IO (in GH_IO.dll)
public static bool SaveFileDialog(
	string title,
	ref string filePath,
	List<string> additionalFilters


Type: SystemString
Title of the dialog. If null, the default title will be used.
Type: SystemString
Path to file picked by user. If file_path represents a valid string, the dialog is set up to match.
Type: System.Collections.GenericListString
A list of additional file format filters or null. Filter strings must be in typical FileDialog.Filter syntax: "File Name (*.ext)|*.ext"

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True is user picked a new path, False if user cancelled.
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