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GH_Box Methods

The GH_Box type exposes the following members.

Public methodAppendRenderGeometry
Public methodBakeGeometry
Public methodBrep
Differs from Rhino.Geometry.Brep.FromBox() because it Handles degenerate cases.
Public methodCastFrom (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTCastFrom(Object).)
Public methodCastToT(T) (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTCastToQ(Q).)
Public methodCastToQ(Q)
Attempt a cast to type T.
(Inherited from GH_GeometricGooT.)
Public methodCastToQ(Q)
Attempt a cast to type Q.
(Inherited from GH_GooT.)
Public methodClearCaches (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTClearCaches.)
Public methodDrawViewportMeshes
Public methodDrawViewportWires
Public methodDuplicate (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTDuplicate.)
Public methodDuplicateBox
Public methodDuplicateGeometry (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTDuplicateGeometry.)
Public methodEmitProxy (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTEmitProxy.)
Public methodGeometry
Convert the box to a GeometryBase instance.
Public methodGetBoundingBox (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTGetBoundingBox(Transform).)
Public methodLoadGeometry
If the geometry is referenced and currently unloaded, forces loading of the geometry. Not all IGH_GeometricGoo implementations support referenced geometry.
(Inherited from GH_GeometricGooT.)
Public methodLoadGeometry(RhinoDoc) (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTLoadGeometry(RhinoDoc).)
Public methodMesh
Public methodMorph (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTMorph(SpaceMorph).)
Public methodRead (Overrides GH_GooTRead(GH_IReader).)
Public methodScriptVariable
This function will be called when the local IGH_Goo instance disappears into a user Script. This would be an excellent place to cast your IGH_Goo type to a simple data type.
(Inherited from GH_GooT.)
Public methodToString (Overrides GH_GooTToString.)
Public methodTransform (Overrides GH_GeometricGooTTransform(Transform).)
Public methodWrite (Overrides GH_GooTWrite(GH_IWriter).)
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