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Grasshopper.Kernel.Data Namespace

Contains a number of classes that deal with Data Storage.
Public classGH_BracketMismatchException
Exception used during Rule Set parsing.
Public classGH_IndexRanges
Represents a sorted, non-colliding collection of index ranges.
Public classGH_IndexRuleSet
A collection of index rules.
Public classGH_Lexer
Represents a lexical mask for path operations.
Public classGH_LexerCombo
Contains both a source and a target lexer object.
Public classGH_Path
Describes the path in structure space of a data item or a list of items. A path consists of a series of integers, each one of which represents an index in a branch structure.
Public classGH_PathPathLengthComparer
Use this comparer to sort lists of paths using a topological approach. Shorter paths are favoured over longer paths. Equal length paths use the default comparer.
Public classGH_PathOffset
Represents a relative offset within a data structure.
Public classGH_RuleAnyNumber
Public classGH_RuleAnyNumbers
Public classGH_RuleComplex
Public classGH_RuleGroup
Public classGH_RuleNumber
Public classGH_RuleRange
Public classGH_RuleSequence
Public classGH_StringMismatchException
Exception used during Rule Set parsing.
Public classGH_StructureT
Represents a data tree where each branch has a unique path
Public classGH_TreeFilter
Represents a collection of rules for validating DataTree paths and indices.
Public classGH_TreeRules
Represents an entire data tree rule set.
Public structureGH_IndexRange
Represents a range of indices.
Public structureGH_TreeIndex
Represents a single unique location in a DataTree.
Public interfaceIGH_DataTree
Utility interface for detection of DataTree generic instances.
Public interfaceIGH_IndexRule
Interface for index rules. An index rule is a way to determine whether a specific integer is considered valid, invalid or neutral. Index rules are used for selecting elements in DataTrees.
Public interfaceIGH_Rule
Interface for individual pattern elements.
Public interfaceIGH_Structure
Base interface for all GH_Structure types.
Public interfaceIGH_StructureEnumerator
Defines a minimum interface for iterating over all data in an IGH_Structure.
Public enumerationGH_ExpandMode
Enumerates the possible expansion modes for structure paths.
Public enumerationGH_GraftMode
Enumerates all predefined grafting modes.
Public enumerationGH_RuleKind
Represents all possible element types in a Path Pattern.
Public enumerationGH_RuleOperator
Enumerate the possible ways rules can be strung together.
Public enumerationGH_RuleResult
Enumerates the possible opinions a rule can have.
Public enumerationGH_SimplificationMode
Enumerates the possible data structure simplification modes.